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bloXmove — Follow-up on Dutch Blockchain & Mobility Week

A joint statement by Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, bloXmove and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

One year ago, in June 2021, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition organised the Dutch Blockchain & Mobility week, at which Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as well as blockchain technology was the leading theme. It was there that bloXmove first got in contact with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Waterworks which initiated the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. The common goal of making mobility easier and more seamless for customers was what kicked-off the interest in a partnership which was only strengthened by the joint understanding of mobility as an ecosystem. After initially focussing on a mobility-as-a-service solution for the Dutch market the collaboration has since grown and is targeting international projects as well. Working together with the DBC and the Ministry has been a great opportunity for bloXmove and we are proud to share the results of this now one year old partnership.

After the first meeting during the Dutch Blockchain and Mobility week the three partners presented their first joint project in October last year: a Proof of Concept (PoC) with bloXmove’s Mobility Blockchain Platform. The Proof of Concept mainly focused on showcasing two use cases:

  • Using Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verified Credentials (VC) for a secure customer onboarding processes.
  • The concept of “service roaming” among participants in the Dutch mobility ecosystem.

A demonstration and presentation of the wider vision, business model, governance model and possible implementation strategies based on this successful PoC were presented to the mobility community IN A PUBLIC SESSION November 2021. This project was a great way to demonstrate the maturity of the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform and its core decentralised features which offer customers unfettered access to different mobility options.

In a broader light, this cooperation falls in place with the open-source TOMP API (Transport Operator Mobility-as-a-service Provider), an open initiative from the market which received support of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. After initially focusing on the Netherlands, the current purpose of the TOMP-API is to pave the way for universal exchange of information standards that all mobility industry stakeholders can seamlessly plug into for their MAAS-solutions.
Within the context of MaaS and blockchain established by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition it was natural for bloXmove to join forces with the TOMP working group and the Ministry.

During the two-month pilot project bloXmove’s technology fully integrated the TOMP API for the essential functions of a mobility service (shared services like car-sharing, scooters or bikes). The purpose of which was to demonstrate the feasibility and viability of connecting the bloXmove platform to the TOMP API to deliver fully multi-modal Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). As the project included numerous partners from the Dutch mobility ecosystem it was great for bloXmove to connect and work with more mobility players such as XXimo, Bondi, Amaze, MobilitEU (formerly called UMOS) and the municipality of Den Bosch.

After the pilot project integration of bloXmove’s tech with the TOMP-API and the PoC for mobility-as-a-service were successfully concluded, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management requested software company Sphereon to conduct a due diligence review on the technical maturity of bloXmove as an open-source mobility platform which was managed by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.

We are happy to announce that this comprehensive due diligence review is now ready and published along with this article. We want to thank the Ministry, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition Sphereon and express our appreciation for a very competent and stringent review. Not only will the results of their review inform stakeholders in the Dutch Mobility ecosystem but more than that it directly contributed to the quality of the platform through the valuable insights and TODOs it provided us with. The full review commented by bloXmove as well as a summarised article can be accessed with the links below.

Summarized Review
(full doc here)

The software is fully production-ready, i.e. level TR6 and TR7 — approaching TR7 by Q4/2022 according to EU readiness levels.
Point in fact being that we are actively engaged with a number of reputable partners who will launch commercial pilots with bloXmove by Q3:

In addition, we refer the kind reader to:

Open-source code and public documentation:

The following documentation has recently been released officially by us to support developers working with the platform:

Full review and release of first open source modules

(for full document pls. refer to here)

Beyond the current status and modules published into the public domain as part of this report, we are also committing ourselves to a full delivery-oriented open-source roadmap. As of today, the bloXmove Fleet Node, TOMP Gateway and testing tools are available as open source under the MIT license. This will improve greatly the transparency of the platform — and we hope to have an active interaction with the open-source community.

The complete set of modules we released can be found here:

bloXmove has been the first software provider to be reviewed and since this administrative hurdle has now been taken and created the basis for future collaboration with governmental bodies like the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management we are continuously looking into further opportunities with these partners.
There are many touchpoints between bloXmove and the overall tech development of a MaaS solution especially regarding decentralized elements such as DIDs.

At this point we would like to thank both the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and the Ministry for the great collaboration during the last year. It has been a pleasure to work with likeminded people who believe in the same future for mobility as we do. Therefore, we continue to look at further possibilities for future collaboration and projects to bring mobility roaming to life.

Read more in the ARTICLE published by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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