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bloXmove for clients and Mobility partners in Nigeria

bloXmove.NG is stopping the aggregation (pains) and is starting a decentralized, direct collaboration between riders and users.

Aggregation comes at great cost

Let’s zoom into the beautiful scenery of Lagos to understand the full picture, journey and benefits behind. On an early morning in Lagos, Nigeria Kunle set to start his day. After his usual morning routine, Kunle gets into his Toyota Corolla 2015 model, one of the best cars for the ride-hailing business in Nigeria. This Toyota model is used for ride-hailing because of its fuel efficiency on the Nigerian roads.

Kunle partners as a driver with two of the most popular ride-hailing platforms in Lagos, working every day from as far as Ajegunle to Island to Badagry. He practically traverses the nooks and crannies of Lagos.

But with all this hard work, he complains of not having enough money to cater to his needs and his family’s needs, the reason being the high cost of car maintenance. But this could have been manageable if the ride-hailing platforms he partners with were not charging more than a quarter of his earnings (he parts with about 30% of his earnings.)

Hawa, on the other hand, decides to move from Race Course Road 1 to Kano-Zaria Road in Kano state, Nigeria, but wonders why such a short trip will cost about N4,000 on one of the ride-hailing platforms operating in Kano. She never knew that this platform charges as high as 30% commission off their partners, and for partners to make anything, the riders (like Hawa) must pay a heavy fare. The winners are the ride-hailing platforms in Nigeria.

bloXmoveNG solves this problem by offering an open platform instead of an aggregated platform which charges as low as possible commission (i.e., between 1% to 5%). bloXmoveNG aims to help the little guy (like Kunle) grow their mobility business. And help riders (like Hawa) enjoy rides at a reduced fare.


If you live in Nigeria, you know that we have a microfinance bank here that is changing the landscape of the banking sector. Their acquisition technique is allowing customers to carry out 25 free bank transfers monthly. The bank can afford to do this because of its lean operation, few branches and a limited amount of personnel.

bloXmove.NG adopts a similar lean operation strategy. With our software and blockchain technology, we can offer automated financial settlement and automate processes like the verification of credentials (via verifiable credentials, VC). This allows us to operate in a lean manner, where we can charge lower commissions to the drivers and reduce transportation costs for all customers.

bloXmove Mobility App coming soon!

The frontend is under development and the first versions are entering internal testing. Data is being prepared for the backend so that all the features built on the frontend are successfully called and tested with the backend data. We designed the user journey, which we used in the development of all the functionalities you will see in the decentralized app (dApp) when completed. We will announce a friendly user beta launch in which we can involve the BLXM community and let them participate as the first test users. If you’re interested reach out to us in our Telegram group.


We base our solution on Celo’s Valora wallet. We chose Valora wallet because of their mobile focus and the ease of onboarding with just a phone number. Also, Celo’s mission of empowering the underbanked and underpriviliged aligns with bloXmove’s mission of creating a non-aggregating mobility platform that gives partners control of their companies and opportunities to earn more. Last but not least one of Celo’s values is a carbon-zero mainnet and contributes to bloXmove’s overall green tech strategy.

bloXmove.NG : a preview on our soon to launch app

We channel our marketing strategy towards getting the large-scale fleet operators onboarded such as Quickbus, Landstar Express and other potential partners. Over the past months, we have been in talks with several potential partners and we hope to close the deals soon and to announce our first partnership in Nigeria.

We understand that our offering of a reduced commission will drive many small-scale, individual drivers to bloXmove.NG because they have been using similar solutions before now, with the only difference being that those companies charge cutthroat commissions.

bloXmovers we’ve got you covered

We will continue our development efforts in Nigeria and other countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. As the year winds down, you will see the use cases we are building come to life and if you are with bloXmove this early, you will see that we stick to our promises and bring actual utility to our token.

Stay tuned here along the next milestones in Q3. We start getting creative how we involve you as BLXM community being the first beta test users.

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