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bloXmove goes into Partnership with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Ministry of Infrastructure

Decentralized mobility takes another important step in Europe

bloXmove X Dutch Blockchain Coalition x Ministry of Infrastructure

It is the bloXmove team’s distinct pleasure and privilege to announce that we’ve taken another giant step towards a real-world #DeMo reality as we go into partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. We’ve always preferred the practical route when it comes to blockchain implementation, that is why we are thrilled to be launching a proof-of-concept demonstration of our Mobility Blockchain Platform with the partners.

The main focus of this exercise will be to showcase bloXmove’s seamless and secure user onboarding mechanism and the core decentralized mobility experience that offers users unfettered access to different mobility solutions within the Dutch mobility ecosystem. In a future scenario, both parties aim to reach mobility service roaming — meaning in whichever city you hopp on and off you can enter mobility via your smartphone and your familiar interfaces.

Demonstrating How Far We’ve Come

The bloXmove team is keen to demonstrate the depth of our solutions for the future of mobility. This POC demo is not only going to exhibit the technical capabilities of our network, but we are also keen to share our business model, governance structure, and the wider vision as it pertains to the power industry. The outcome of this exercise will be shared on November 26 and anyone interested can book a place for the presentation of the outcome by filling this form.

We are excited to show first-hand the incredible solutions bloXmove has built so far and could not have asked for better partners than the pairing of Dutch and German technologies. Mobility-as-a-Service is not a new concept, but realizing this with an integrated backend system instead of an aggregating app, this is a new approach for shaping the future of urban mobility, and that future is decentralized where today’s competitors and silos become tomorrow’s business allies.



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