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bloXmove Joins Acceleration Program

As we continue to preach and enable constructive collaboration between power and mobility industry stakeholders, at bloXmove, this open-door doctrine extends to us as a project. As we continue to gather momentum in our year of growth and execution, bloXmove is thrilled to announce that it is joining the Acceleration Program until April. The focus of the program is about building and scaling which fits perfectly into bloXmove’s roadmap.

About SAP is a melting pot of innovators and startups across industries, regions, and disciplines working towards more sustainable solutions in their respective fields. is an incubation and acceleration program that helps startups accelerate growth and scale their offerings aiding them forge new partnerships and deliver new products. Since its inception in 2017, SAP has worked with over 300 projects, helping them reach growth targets while unlocking fresh innovation for their customers.

bloXmove X

bloXmove is honored to be selected for the prestigious partnership program. As a sustainability-first project, SAP’s core objectives perfectly align with bloXmove’s core software and strategy.

bloXmove CEO, Sophia Roediger, has the following to say on the SAP partnership:

“This is another premium partnership with a software giant that strengthens us in further developing our current distributed ledger services in a sustainable way. We also aim to work with SAP and other tech companions on the “ledger 2 accounting” technical component. A crucial endeavor as we move towards reinventing settlement between business parties”.

bloXmove is working on several fronts to bring its solutions to as many regions of the world as possible and SAP’s extensive network and experience can only aid us in doing that. As we move towards a decentralized ecosystem where mobility and green energy converge, bloXmove will continue to seek enabling partners that help us deliver more efficient solutions faster.



bloXmove is on a mission to bring decentralized technologies to Power & Mobility. Our Mobility Blockchain Platform operates at the junction of the two sectors to connect electric mobility to the power grid and achieve net-zero carbon-neutral mobility as a service (MaaS)

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