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bloXmove NFTicket: versatile, dynamic NFTs for business
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NFTicket: Five Core Functions

  1. Voucher
  2. Coupon
  3. Tickets
  4. Collectibles for collection-based membership
  5. Certificates of ownership, e.g., Renewable Energy Certificates or certifications e.g., Academic Proof
Voucher, Coupon, Ticket, Membership collection and Certificates

NFTicket launch on Polygon — airdrop included

The showcase: receive an NFTicket voucher to utilise at airport restaurants

Test-drive our NFTicket demonstrator — WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

  • Learn about a fully NFT-based service process, our ‘how-to-guide’ supports you.
  • Own a cool NFT — viewable and tradable in your wallet of on OpenSea
  • The voucher for participating in the airdrop: be one of the first 650 users to get 37 BLXFT — which we will redeem 1:1 for BLXM tokens on BSC
  • Be 1 one of the first 10 users — and win a whitelisting place for the upcoming bloXmove NFTicket Collection in Q1 2023

NFTicket — the web3 container for Tickets, Credentials and Ownership

Ask yourself “what is an NFT?”

Ask yourself “what’s an ERC721 smart contract?”

  • An ERC721 smart contract is a decentralised, secure registry.
  • It manages ownership and exchange of ownership for unique and identifiable virtual assets.
  • Assets are tied to NFTs by anchoring (1:1) their unique identifier to the identifier of the NFT.

NFTicket — NFTs with integrated workflow and settlement

Summary: three magic ingredients

  1. We connect and embed tickets into web3 wallets and express them as NFTs on a blockchain.
  2. We also created a protocol to convert tickets into DID-based Verifiable Credentials for cross-chain and network-independent exchange and interoperability. Because an NFTicket is also a dynamic NFT, Credentials can be updated over the lifecycle of the NFT. This generates new opportunities for utilities you can offer to your customers.
  3. Last but not least: through our collaboration with companies such as NRverse, we can embed Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon offsets into an NFTicket. This allows event organisers to decarbonise their events services. We performed this on August 31st to create the first zero-emission Metaverse event on Decentraland!

Next steps and Roadmap

The roadmap for NFTicket

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bloXmove is on a mission to bring decentralized technologies to Power & Mobility. Our Mobility Blockchain Platform operates at the junction of the two sectors to connect electric mobility to the power grid and achieve net-zero carbon-neutral mobility as a service (MaaS)

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