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bloXmove Roadmap: Ask-me-anything

Summary of AMA on Tech Roadmap and pivot Q3/2022

After publishing our latest tech roadmap update which contained changes for bloXmove’s strategic direction and a focus shift regarding our products the team opened the floor for questions from our community. bloXmove CEO Sophia Roediger, CTO Harry Behrens and members of our tech team Daniel and Dayon joined a Twitter space discussion to go over the updates for the last quarter of 2022 and answer any questions from the live audience.

You can find our full tech roadmap update and listen to the full recording of this week’s discussion . The following article will provide a summary of the most important points and questions.

As we already did throughout this year we want to continue to be open and transparent about business developments and decisions and share the lessons the market has taught us during the last months. We can summarize these learnings into three main points:

  • Due to the economic turn it is much harder to get new investments than last year and the planned seed investment round was much tougher than anticipated. We realized we won’t be able to reach our set goal at the equity and mobility market in time.
  • With the slowdown of the economy also our mobility partners are struggling and facing the same challenges as we are, meaning it is not the right time for many of them to push new projects and cooperation.
  • On a positive note, we strongly feel the push and pull for sustainability topics. The market trend has been clear for a long time and now the demand is finally rising and many companies are searching for sustainable solutions when it comes to power and mobility

After this quick introduction to the current situation the group opened the stage to questions from the audience which were either asked live during the discussion or online via our Telegram or Twitter.

FAQ — what did the community ask?

How will the difficulties in raising capital affect development?

To answer this questions it is important to differentiate between bloXmove’s multiple use cases and products. The fundraising round was focused on the mobility use case so the team addressed mainly VCs and possible investors from the mobility sector. After we realized that the connected mobility storyline is not enough to collect new funds and that also many other mobility partners are struggling at the moment the founder team realized a change in strategy was necessary. On a second note, the fundraising round was also purely equity based which means it has nothing to do and no effect on the BLXM token at all.

For the development and future product focus this means that the mobility use case is now a second priority. Ongoing projects for example with TIER and the University Mittweida will continue but other core projects related to standard mobility will be put on hold and we’ll shift our resources onto more promising projects. bloXmove is now focusing on our market entry in emerging markets such as Nigeria and a higher involvement in the crypto world with our new NFTicket solution. Here the development is ongoing and with the focus on these crypto friendly markets we’re actually seeing a new and exciting opportunity as we are now able to fully exploit all the advantages of crypto technology without finding solutions for a hybrid market.

What does this mean for bloXmove’s partnerships?

Our existing partnerships with mobility providers are not stopped or terminated, simply postponed in most cases. These postponements are not only coming from bloXmove’s side but also from our partner’s side as they themselves are shifting their priorities and focus areas. For Flixbus this means there will be no go live within this year but with TIER for example we’re continuing our joint project at the university Mittweida.

What partnerships can we expect to come of NFTicket?

Currently we have two partnerships related to NFTicket: NRverse and eQuota. You can find out more about our work with NRverse .

To understand the collaboration with eQuota we first need to introduce the term “THG quota”, you can check out the amazing Twitter thread by GatorGreen as well to get an understanding of the concept (Read ).

In Germany the government supports the use of electric vehicles by giving out so called THG quota which basically stands for greenhouse gas reduction quota. If you are the operator of a charging station or an electric vehicle you qualify for the quota and will be credited financially as you are avoiding CO2 emissions. This CO2 reduction is certified, tradeable and can for example be sold to emission intensive companies to reduce their CO2 limits. eQuota operates as an intermediate and buys THG quota to sell to such companies. bloXmove’s NFTicket protocol can certify these THG quota based on VCs and DIDs and translate them into an NFTicket which is tradeable much faster than the current process in Germany. The cherry on top is that eQuota will buy back the THG-Ticket guaranteed at a higher price than the original price. With a secure buyback and a great market potential as Germany is just starting out in regards to electric vehicles this is a very promising partnership for us and certainly interesting for all crypto investors.

Are there any updates regarding the ReBeam project?

ReBeam was the pilot project that came from our collaboration with 50Hertz/Elia and Energy Web. After the demonstration of the pilot the project is now part of OmegaX where a lot more partners and governmental institutions are involved. This is a great recognition for the project and will surely take it to a higher level. it also means the speed at which things might be less rapid than so far.

What is the current status for bloXmoveNG?

Our last tech debate focused on the use case and you can read a summary . Right now the team is in the final stages of developing the app and beta testing will come within this year, so stay tuned as we would appreciate your feedback. Other current topics are the close discussions with vehicle inspection companies and the onboarding of our first local partner which we will share very soon.

Thanks for your questions and to everyone who joined the session, if you want to know more or have additional questions just head to out Telegram channel.

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