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bloXmove Tech Roadmap Q4/2022

Summary 2022 and outlook 2023

As 2022 is coming to an end, we’re looking back at the second business year for bloXmove and BLXM.

A lot has happened and we learnt a lot. We will start off with what’s ahead of us:

  1. NFTicket
  2. Launch of BLXM’s “Decentralized UBER” in Nigeria
  3. G2C: go-to-chain for mobility as well as renewable energy applications

In addition we will explain how we will continue to leverage our core technology beyond the above market launches. Mainly:

  1. bloXlab: provide technology and token engineering to multinational corporations looking for a viable web3 strategy execution
  2. bloXmove Germany (a.k.a. bloXpower): deep engagement in the German and European research landscape. Focus on vehicle-2-grid and other use case where DID and blockchain are used to integrate Power & Mobility.

NFTicket: the protocol engine at the core of BLXM

On December 9th, we officially launched the first feature of the NFTicket protocol, the voucher with debit card functionality, on Polygon.

We combined the basic use case, which is described here in the launch article, with an airdrop.

In this airdrop, we dropped 37 BLXFT tokens into the debit card feature of the NFTicket. Using NFTickets as the container for ERC20 “quasi-cash” debit is a nice feature of NFTicket and lends itself beautifully to airdrops.

What is NFTicket?

NFTicket is a unique combination of NFT technology with bloXmove’s own blockchain based software elements for identification, access control, payment etc. It provides six main functionalities that offer a digital solution for existing ticketing systems to both businesses and end users. The core features of bloXmove’s NFTicket are:

  • vouchers,
  • coupons,
  • tickets,
  • collections and membership programs as well as
  • ownership certificates

We purpose-built the ticketing component for our go-to-market in Nigeria and validated it in our Mobility4All collaboration with the university of Mittweida, TIER and mocci.

What is next for NFTicket?

On Dec. 28th, 2022 we will launch on BSC mainnet.

Every 4–8 weeks we will add one more feature until the full protocol is in production around mid-2023.

One major milestone being, when we launch bloXmove.NG at the start of Q2/2023.

Go-to-Market bloXmove.NG

Our flagship project is Decentralized Mobility in Nigeria. Driver and user app connected to bloXmove NFTicket core protocol to deliver a “Decentralized UBER” bringing flexibility, ownership and radical reduction in fees to drivers and users in Nigeria.

We had originally announced a GOLIVE in Q3/Q4 of 2022 and have to admit that this was too optimistic.

We are currently in the internal testing of both user and driver app and will start beta testing around end of January, 2023. Beta-testing will first be internal and will then be expanded to involve the BLXM online community.

This should take us to a controlled GOLIVE with our pilot partner around Feb/Mar 2023.

To speed things up, we have increased headcount to now five employees on the ground in Nigeria and are looking to expand once the pilot phase has entered full swing.

bloXmove mainnet for CELO and Energy Web

bloXmove.NG will initially launch on CELO around February 2023.

In addition to our core mobility activities the bloXmove’s tech team — bloXlab — developed a go-to-market strategy around Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) and mandatory carbon credits.

The power sector and the mobility industry are converging and Power & Mobility is becoming a fact of life. With various partners, e.g. the Energy Web Foundation, 50Hertz, NRVerse and one of Germany’s market leaders in the trading of THG mandatory carbon credits, we worked on packaging REC and other Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) as NFTs in order to make them transferrable and ultimately tradeable.

We have developed three possible pathways for this, which involve the carbon credit trading marketplaces Thallo & Senken (cooperating with CELO) and the Energy Web focused marketplaces Raregems and possibly Carbonswap (if there is community interest for launching on Carbonswap). These three pathways are described via the overview & description below.

These projects are currently under development, both from business as well as technical perspective.

We are confident the first results will be launched within the first half of 2023. More detailed — and very possibly earlier — announcements as things become more clear.

Treasury, bloXpower and R&D projects


In October BLXM launched on its second central exchange and is now also available for trading on WhiteBit.

On our other available CEX Bitmart a new feature allowing switching BLXM tokens between BSC and ETH went live as well.

Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G), bloXpower and Power & Mobility

After months of work on the Trusted Green Charging project organized by UnternehmerTUM the initiative reached its finished line in November with a presentation of the results together with all partners (SAP, Infineon, Tronity, ChargeX) at the Munich Urban Colab.

With the expansion of e-mobility decarbonizing the mobility sector becomes more and more achievable. However, this is only the case if renewable energy is used and tracked efficiently. The trusted Green Charging project could successfully develop a prototype which connected the charging system and infrastructure operators with end users and fleet managers. All transactions for charging an EV with local green energy could be automated and are secure thanks to digital identities and blockchain technology powered (among others) by bloXmove.
We’re honoured to have been included in such an innovative task force and are thrilled that we could demonstrate our Vehicle-2-grid approach in real conditions.

Mobility roaming — Mittweida R&D

Since April this year we have been part of the Mobility4all initiative in Mittweida and worked on bringing this joint vision to life. In the last months we have researched, tested and learned about mobility ecosystems together with the project partners University of Mittweida, Blockchain Showcase Region Mittweida, Volksbank, Mocci and TIER. After the closing presentation in December, we are happy to share the results and conclusions from 9 months of work.

After the successful integration of TIER’s scooters, mocci will extend the micro mobility offer by Q1 next year with their e-bikes, so there will be even more options for the users. Additionally, we could gather a broad range of research results and development and requirements to enable a functioning mobility platform. With this information the project partners are now well equipped to transfer the concept to new and similar markets. For bloXmove this means we will take everything we learned for our emerging market approach in Nigeria and apply it to the platform development. As a cherry on top, we were also able to use the NFTicket for this pilot project and could perfectly use its function as a “check-in/check-out” ticket for the booking transactions of the mobility services.

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bloXmove is on a mission to bring decentralized technologies to Power & Mobility. Our Mobility Blockchain Platform operates at the junction of the two sectors to connect electric mobility to the power grid and achieve net-zero carbon-neutral mobility as a service (MaaS)

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