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bloXmove updates Q2/2022


  1. Four core components of the platform as announced in our original roadmap.
  2. Newly added strategic topics, having emerged over the last months.

Update on the 4 core elements of the roadmap

  1. bloXmove core platform and open source
  2. mainnet launches on CELO, Energy Web and very possibly Polygon (new)
  3. bloXpower: where Power meets Mobility
  4. Integration with ONTology DID framework for ticketing and access control
The seven seals of the bloXmove platform
  • We have started deploying parts of the platform to Alfajores, the CELO test net. We expect to be done within August. We will be using Alfajores as our staging network for the Nigeria market launch. The Alfajores launch will start with the user front end and will be followed by the driver front ends sometime in September or October. Both will be deployed as Valora dApps decentralized apps from the very beginning.
bloXmove topics 1–3
  • We are in active collaboration with Energy Web and 50Hertz and have recently published our pilot project ReBeam as a first result of our ongoing partnership. The ReBeam protocol is specifically designed to create, operate and monetize decentralized products and services for electric vehicles and charging stations. Read more here:
  • The CTO Dr. Harry Behrens also elaborated on our collaboration with Energy Web and discussed the joint vision with Robert Sprunk, Energy Web’s e-mobility manager, in the latest Energy Web Twitter Space Event (see the Twitter link above).
  • We have also started the process of migrating 1 million BLXM from Ethereum and BSC to the Energy Web Blockchain. This in preparation for the launch of our NFTicket ticketing module on Polygon and Energy Web later this year.
  • We will support the migration to Energy Webby operating a WEWT:BLXM liquidity pool on Energy Web.
  • ONTology has delivered a fully functional software development kit (SDK) by which bloXmove can integrate the did:ont: DID method for Verified Credentials into our platform.
  • We are currently connecting the framework into our DID asset library and evaluating compatibility with the NFTicket framework.
bloXmove topic 4–7

Investor Portal, and NRVerse

  • The BLXM Investor Portal ( offers a liquidity providing program and single sided staking. We are especially proud to have achieved a liquidity pool by the community, for the community with our native LP program. The pools have now been moved from ETH/BSC to USDC as a stable coin.
  • After initial hickups which occurred post-launch, the team has now reworked the Investor Portal to work flawlessly after our last updates solving locking issues and including real time APR calculations.
    We thank the community in working with us in identifying and solving the issues which regrettably occurred.
    We continue with our reward policy offering the community 50k BLXM tokens for liquidity and 25k BLXM tokens for staking per month on both the Ethereum and BSC network.
  • Further improvements such as re-staking, are coming shortly. The next feature on the Investor Portal is the deployment of the smart bridge and the community can look forward to a new and improved website for the Investor Portal in the coming days.
  • The local legal entity for the bloXmoveNG (‘Decentralized Mobility Ltd.’, has been established and the team in Nigeria is growing.
  • Development of user frontend is progressing and will be launched on the CELO Alfajores test net within August. And development for driver frontend has started and we expect to deploy to the CELO test net within September to October.
  • Two mobility operators have expressed concrete interest and negotiations are ongoing.
  • bloXmove has started a partnership with NRverse ( to issue and trade renewable energy certificates (REC) as Verified Credentials and trade them as NFTs.
  • NRverse will be packaging such RECs into NFT-based tickets (the new bloXmove NFTicket protocol). Metaverse event organizers who wish to carbon-offset the emissions of their blockchain transactions can thus ensure that any ticket to their event has been fully carbon offset through Renewable Energy Certificates.
  • NRverse is the first customer for our NFTicket solution, which we have been developing as the ticketing engine within bloXmove. We are excited to be leveraging this core technology at the service of a more sustainable and greener metaverse.
  • NFTicket creates an interoperable, highly secure protocol for securely digitize certificates, tickets and invoices as Verified Credentials, which can be converted to NFTs. These NFTs are fully tradable and as a part of the NFTicket protocol offer dedicated logic for reselling, redeeming and settlement between resellers, providers and users. For more information:



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