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bloXmove Tech Roadmap Update

Blazing our tech trail

bloXmove Tech Roadmap: Update May 2022

Against the background of having recently launched our Investor Portal with two new programs:

  1. Liquidity Farming for BLXM:USDC on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  2. BLXM Staking on Ethereum and BSC

we provide a short overview of the other main topics on our tech roadmap.

bloXmove Platform

Mainnet: bloXmove will be live on CELO

  • Development work for the move to CELO is on schedule and the integration of the Valora Wallet is in progress (bloXmoveNG)
  • Our European go-to-market strategy which includes CELO will be made public soon

bloXpower e-mobility & Open Charging Network live on EWC

  • Pilot project and field test with both EW and 50Hertz are being executed and planned now
  • We are deepening the collaboration with Energy Web and looking into further possibilities for joint projects — keep an eye out for a deep dive article in the next weeks

Ticketing and Access Control

  • As of this month (3rd of May) Ontology has published their Verifiable Credentials Software Development Kits (VC SDKs). We congratulate Ontology on this newly published open-source code and are very pleased to continue building our joint product based on these SDKs. The development of a native blockchain solution will continue during the next quarters.

BLXM Ecosystem

  • Two new features live on our native BLXM Investor portal: Liquidity providing program and single sided staking
  • With our native LP program we are proud to have achieved a liquidity pool by the community, for the community and we will be moving the pools from ETH/BNB to USDC as a stable coin
  • Next up for the Investor Portal is the deployment of the smart bridge


  • Go-to-market strategy for bloXmove Nigeria is in place and the team is in active collaboration with CELO now, working on the integration of the Valora wallet


  • You may have already spotted it and we will soon let you in on what we have cooking up with NRverse

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