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bloXmove — the Mobility Blockchain Platform

Moving from one part of the world to another, or from one part of a city to another is riddled with so much hassle today. A typical mobility experience has you grappling with numerous transportation modes, several ticketing apps, dozens of signups & KYCs, and endless stress. The longer your journey is, the more inconvenience you deal with.

Why bloXmove

bloXmove is a pluggable Mobility Blockchain Platform based on democratised protocols

Removing the fuss in mobility, long-range and urban, is the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform’s (MBP) mission call. We are creating highly tailored solutions that make urban mobility as seamless and straightforward as the 21st century deserves. We make sure that moving from one point to another within a city or across borders is fulfilling for the user. Dealing with several mobility apps or having to ask locals which train goes to what station can drain your energy and ruin your travel vibe. bloXmove is in the business of making your movement “Smoove” ..

The Tech Under the Hood

bloXmove is based on a 3-layer stack of DID, Blockchain and DLT technologies

The bloXmove engine is comprised of 3 stacks of technology:

  1. The Edge Stack that identifies the user, company, or mobility mode (car). We use Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and verified credentials to create an Identity Triangle of Company, Customer and Cars. All transactions are conducted between actors in this Identity Triangle.
  2. The Blockchain stack where transactions are notarized and managed. This is the smart contract layer and is based on Ethereum or a fork thereof, such as Quorum. In the future launching this on Moonbeam might be an option.
  3. The Shared Ledger stack where every provider has a copy of the bookkeeping system where liabilities and settlements between providers are automated, completing the transaction as a protocol cycle. The shared ledger is based on the R3 Corda DLT and is deployed only in B2B environments. This layer is needed to accommodate corporations’ need for privacy when it comes to accounting data. For a pure protocol economy powered by BLXM tokens this layer can be omitted.

The Unique Benefits for Providers

bloXmove makes the life of mobility providers easier in the following ways:

Creating a Synergy Between Users and Mobility Providers

bloXmove is not an aggregating app, it rather is in the trade of creating a well-balanced synergy between the needs of users and creating an efficient and cost-friendly ecosystem for providers. bloXmove is using decentralised blockchain technology to harmonize the fragmented mobility industry where users have an absolute one-stop solution and where providers are empowered and given more control over their destinies.

Keeping Your Customers

Building a successful business often hinges on your ability to maintain a close and healthy relationship with your customers. bloXmove understands this, that is why it uses blockchain technology to not only to attract more customers for providers but also allows them to keep their customers and build on their relationship. With a decentralized ecosystem, bloXmove guarantees that no one touches your customer. You can offer intimate customer support, build your relationship and create loyalty programs with no hassle. Allowing businesses to do more without taking their freedoms is the bloXmove way.

bloXmove provides the common infrastructure for a “Star Alliance for Mobility”

Automatic and Enabling Partnerships

With bloXmove you not only have access to your own fleet of cars or scooters, but you also have automatic access to the services and infrastructure of other providers that complement your services. If you are a bike company in Frankfurt, for example, your customers coming from other parts of the world will need a taxi to take them from the airport to their hotel. If your business is part of a typical aggregating app, you have no means of helping them get the adjacent services that are necessary for them to get to yours. This is a problem that bloXmove solves with a few taps. By being part of the Bloxmove family, you are in automatic partnership with other providers that make your services easier to deliver to the doorstep of your customers.

Save Money

Spending on a level 1 activity such as onboarding your customers is drastically reduced thanks to bloXmove. With bloXmove, you know that every customer that uses your services has been properly vetted and provided with a valid and verified DID. You no longer need to spend a lot of budget and waste crucial manhours managing the onboarding processes. bloXmove makes onboarding automatic and saves providers a ton of money

The Result: An Unforgettably Simple User-Centered Experience

The culmination of all the B2B solutions outlined above translates into a highly intuitive and elegantly simple user experience. With bloXmove, your travel or mobility experience is reinvented into a hassle-free one with new possibilities and privileges. You no longer need to trust a dozen apps that may or may not serve you the way you plan your journey. With bloXmove, you get a whole retinue of access across mobility-mode borders. By integrating bloXmove identity management technology (DID) providers can offer their customers one ticket that flies them to San Francisco, picks them up from the airport and drives them to their hotel or Airbnb, offers them a taxi downtown when they’re done resting, and rents them a scooter to move around while in town.

bloXmove and the BLXM token provide a seamless protocol for decentralised mobility

bloXmove is all about creating ease, efficiency, and a wholesome experience for the user while giving providers the next-gen tech infrastructure to reach more customers and serve their existing clientele better. The hassle in mobility has been out of fashion for a while now, and thanks to bloXmove, it is about to go extinct.



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