Decentralized Mobility Takes Root In The Heart of Germany With New bloXmove Partnership

bloXmove, Universität Mittweida, Volksbank, and the Mobility 4all Initiativec collaboration comes to life

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The collaboration over aggregation message continues to make headway, and one of our most active spots has been on the home front here in Germany. To continue demonstrating the real-world impact of decentralized mobility, bloXmove is thrilled to announce a partnership with Universität Mittweida, Volksbank, and the Mobility 4all initiative in the ‘Blockchain Schaufenster’ region in the east of Germany.

This quad squad partnership was conceived to deliver a first-of-its-kind seamless mobility roaming experience for commuters and travelers traversing journeys from Dresden, Chemnitz, to Mittweida, serving as a vital connection between rural and urban areas. Team bloXmove and the experts at University Mittweida share a common vision where constructive collaboration powers a decentralized mobility space that offers end-to-end mobility solutions for users while eliminating the need to use several fragmented apps and countless physical ticketing machines. The bloXmove team is complementing the skills, front-end app, and first connected devices provided by the ‘M4all’ university team with their web3 core competencies: decentralized identifiers (DID), the access control as well as the r3 Corda based settlement between the business parties.

Going In Stages

To ensure a smooth rollout and successful launch, the project will be defined by a two-step approach:

1. An initial “Go-live” with a DID and blockchain based on M4All’s platform that connects scooters and bikes with students and employees in the area.

2. A later roll-out of mobility roaming in Sachsen with the involvement of more mobility partners and service providers, also with the Mobility 4 All roaming pass.

To succeed in our common objectives for a new and better-decentralized mobility industry, bloXmove and Mobility 4all look forward to the discoveries that will be made in this live lab once the project takes off. For bloXmove, this is only the beginning as the team looks forward to building on the current partnership with M4All (in the Sachsen region) and other drivers of innovation in the mobility space.

As we move towards launch, you can stay tuned to developments on the project, technical details, and news on the project team via our social handles. `Also, please contact us if you wish to donate or sell scooters, e-bikes, and e-steppers that we can equip with a wallet. Cheers to all the pioneers and mobility innovators!

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