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Introducing bloXmove.NG

bloXmove’s Nigerian journey begins

bloXmove to enter Nigerian market

bloXmove’s Nigerian journey begins

At the onset of the year, we announced our roadmap for 2022. Commercially bloXmove is working along two equally important tracks:

  1. Launching bloXmove in Europe with initial focus on Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
  2. Launching bloXmove into one emerging market.

Based on the amazing feedback we received and the beautiful talent in our community, we managed to put together a team of 4 Nigerians, one Dutch, one Spaniard and one Swede to now lead this pilot for the beautiful country of Nigeria….

Naija, here we come…!

Today we are thrilled to announce to our community of backers and partners, that a new chapter is about to begin for bloXmove. A chapter that moves us forward positively in achieving a combination of our key milestones for 2022 and drives our global expansion strategy. It is the start of bloXmove.NG, bloXmove’s mobility-focused entity that will be serving the key emerging market of Nigeria.

Why Nigeria?

As the most populated country on the African continent with over 250 million people, Nigeria is a key emerging market opportunity, not only in Africa, but in the world overall. Several supporting factors encouraged us to explore the Nigerian market:

Crypto Adoption

Nigeria is the world’s leading crypto country when it comes to adoption rates. According to Statista, over one-third of Nigeria’s population currently owns or has in the past owned Bitcoin or some other crypto asset. This sets a welcome stage for any serious project trying to break-in the utility aspect of its token.

Young and Tech Savvy

Nigeria has an overwhelmingly young population with 43.49% of its total population under the age of 16. Not only is the population in Nigeria young, but it is also tech-savvy and forward-thinking. Nigeria has a growing tech ecosystem that has produced unicorn projects like Flutterwave (valued at $3 billion). For team building, and a long-term market audience, Nigeria fits perfectly for bloXmove.

Mobility Challenges

Through the years, Nigeria’s mobility industry has faced succeeding challenges in infrastructure, organisation, and technology. Despite having tens of millions of people moving daily from one point to another, the industry remains plagued with challenges.

And where others see challenges, bloXmove sees the opportunity.

The opportunity to solve some of these challenges in order to empower and liberate drivers, taxi and bus operators as well as bringing seamless, hassle-free, one-click mobility to Nigerians’ daily lives.

How it Started

To create a suite of solutions that feel at home in the Nigerian market, the bloXmove leadership initiated a stealth task force a few months back to gather an intimate understanding of the Nigerian market. This has helped us come up with an execution plan that targets the crucial pain points of Nigeria’s mobility industry, making a seamless end-to-end journey experience a reality for the average Nigerian.

We identified 3 key target segments for the initial launch of bloXmove.NG:

1. Fleet companies running interstate travel across Nigeria.

2. Car drivers working on current aggregating ride-hailing apps who are majorly disaffected by their status quo.

3. Tricycle drivers that control a major share of Nigeria’s daily commute sector within cities.

The Products

The products and apps that are currently in development for the Nigerian market are:

The Driver App

This will be the interface with which Nigerian drivers migrate from aggregating apps onboard themselves onto the bloXmove ecosystem. The app is built with active feedback and input from Nigerians. A variation of the driver app will also be available for fleet company owners.

The User App

This is being built as a few steps and easy to use app for end-users. Whether you are taking a short trip to the market in Kano, or want to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road, our Nigerian user apps will offer end-to-end solutions at competitive rates for users. Each user app will come equipped with a BLXM wallet and the ability to onboard users quickly with the help of their phone numbers.

Reseller Apps

The third app component in active development is the reseller app. This is an app created for vendors in the Nigerian market. Once onboarded, thousands of existing vendors spread around the country will have the ability to sell bloXmove mobility credit to commuters and travelers in their area. Vendors who currently serve Nigerian consumers for things like phone top-ups and TV subscriptions will be key partners in organically and exponentially spreading the bloXmoveNG message in the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

The Team

As earlier mentioned, our goal is to create solution products that vibe with local needs. To help us achieve this, bloXmove is proud to identify with four hardworking young Nigerians on the ground. The Nigerian contingent in conjunction with the core bloXmove team in Europe has been working hard to shape the business, finetuning the apps, and create a good process for the bloXmoveNG entity to function optimally in the long term. In the weeks ahead, we will be onboarding more Nigerian team members living in our initial target cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kano. If you are interested in the bloXmoveNG project and feel there’s something valuable that you can add to it, please send us an email at

Preparing for Launch

bloXmove.NG is targeting a Q3 launch with a host of mobility partners and driver cooperatives onboarded. Our vision for bloXmove.NG is to be the go-to platform for smart mobility businesses and end-users alike. In resonance with our motto of favoring collaboration over aggregation, we aim to help Nigerians bridge the gaps in infrastructure, organization and technology.

With our offering for drivers, operators and consumers we will usher in a new era of real-time booking, effective customer management, and end-to-end journeys for users.

For more on bloXmove.NG check out our dedicated Nigerian website. And if you have business inquiries or partnership proposals, reach us via

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