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Mobility Roaming in Saxony

M4ALL: What’s going on in Mittweida?

Last month (June 2022), it was all about multi-modal mobility in Mittweida, one of the famous blockchain areas in the eastern part of Germany. The university of applied science and Blockchain Show Case Region invited the mobility scene to a network event. bloXmove was part, too. We presented our Mobility Roaming solution together with the university Mittweida, celebrated the latest launch of the TIER e-Scooter fleet and cheered to the arrivals of Mocci e-Pedals which can be booked very soon, too.

The consortium

Mittweida, a city with a long history of engineering in the “Ore Mountains” (Erzgebirge) area of Saxony is one of the hotspots of Blockchain technology in Germany.

bloXmove is a member of Mobility4All a project to develop sustainable mobility in rural areas.
This project is part of the WIR! The Mittweida Blockchain Lighthouse an initiative jointly operated by the the University of Mittweida, the regional bank — Volksbank Mittweida — and the City of Mittweida.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Other participants are the Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (Dresden Public Transport) and teilAuto — a local car sharing company.

The Highlights

M4All: bloXmove, TIER, Mocci, the Volksbank Mittweida and the University of Mittweida

The Mobility 4all — partner networking event

  • Project participants got together and test drove three different types of vehicles:
    1) a TIER electric scooter
    2) a chainless electric bicycle by Mocci
    3) a prototype of an electric blockchain scooter, i.e. a scooter with an integrated Blockchain light node. Which makes it a rolling blockchain node!

TIER onboarding

  • We started the onboarding of a further shared mobility partner to the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform. Soon TIER will be part of our growing mobility alliance and fully node-represented on our platform.
  • Thanks to this integration, it will soon be possible for everyone in Mittweida to book a TIER scooter through the M4All app, so another big step forward for our pilot project in the blockchain show case region.
  • Through the node structure and the SDK for the front ends, the scale effect is huge and fast — for transport operators like TIER the benefit is obvious — if they are plugged-in once, it is not necessary to build single interfaces to the thousand other MaaS platforms and providers
  • The decentralization of the network-node-infrastructure allows fragmented markets to rapidly grow and creates a new trust principle for business-to-business relations based on technology and code
  • With TIER, we won one of the top tier providers in the EU mobility market that can design a new alliance framework. We jointly stop the aggregation, and start real business collaboration

Add on — Growing bloXmove team

  • The fruits of our growing network and activities on a regional level are showing, as we found a new talent for our bloXmove team directly at the university Mittweida. Looking forward to working with you Jonathan Osswald as of the next semester.
Felix and Jonathan

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