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NFTicket — tokenizing access and ownership

bloXmove NFTicket: certification, verification and trading of digital assets and certificates

Non-fungible contracts and digital ownership

NFTicket verifies ownership, tickets, vouchers and coupons

Verification at the center of proof of ownership and payment

NFT + Verifiable Credentials — crypto for real-world applications

  1. We connect and embed tickets into web3 wallets and express them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens on a blockchain)
  2. We also allow to convert them into DID-based Verifiable Credentials for cross-chain and network-independent exchange and interoperability.
  1. How about an automatically personalized plane ticket that also holds a voucher for free food in case of flight delay or occurrence?
  2. Or a ticket to a football match that includes the mobility budget to reach the soccer stadium by train, car or scooter and that shows the autograph of your favorite athlete which could be collected with each game or exchanged with other fans.
  3. Or an entry pass for a virtual metaverse event which includes the proof of a 100% green energy usage and is offsetting the carbon footprint?

NFT, SSI, VC and OpenSea..putting it all together

  1. The initial owner issues and signs a Verifiable Credential transferring ownership of the asset/certificate/ticket to the receiver — the “Holder” in the parlance of the W3C protocol being used.
  2. The VC is converted into an NFT for smooth and seamless trading and transfer. The VC is also part of the NFTs metadata.
    NFTicket keeps a 1:1 verifiable link between the VC and the NFT

NRVerse: NFTicket to trade Renewable Energy Certifcates

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bloXmove is on a mission to bring decentralized technologies to Power & Mobility. Our Mobility Blockchain Platform operates at the junction of the two sectors to connect electric mobility to the power grid and achieve net-zero carbon-neutral mobility as a service (MaaS)

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