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5 min readOct 18, 2023


Your Governance Identity!


Over the past couple of months, since we announced our transition to a DAO (starting with a semi-DAO), we worked hard to get the basics in place.

We would now like to inform you of what we have been up to during these last months and what progress has been made.

In parallel to this document, we will inform you in the coming weeks of the tools we have chosen for the governance and announce how we are realising our DAO plans.

Part of the reason we held back this report until now is that we are partnering with one of the leading companies in the area of DAO-building.

This brought with it information exchange, definition of scope, selection of tools etc. There is a vast number of tools we encountered. We needed to put attention and care on having the best fit for not only the (crypto) community governance, but also for the driver community to which our governance tools should provide a truly decentralised mobility platform. We are pleased to say that we have found a way to do so by working with sub-DAOs. An explanation will follow.

Now, first things first. We proudly present to you: our bloXmove Avatar collection!

The bloXmove Avatar is your digital ticket into the governance of the BLXM community treasury and source code.

When presenting proposals, voting or receiving funds the Avatar is your digital representative and provides your identification!

This means it’s a NFT collection which represents the DAO governance participants! The Avatar forms your digital identity for bloXmove’s governance!

Before diving into the utility and possibilities with an NFT Avatar (using our NFTicket protocol) for governance, we want to make one important point:
This initiative is 100% non-profit — i.e. the bloXmove team will not participate in any sales or other revenue from this initiative.

We provide the NFT Avatar at transaction fee cost to people providing liquidity. Alternatively, if you do not wish to provide liquidity, there is the option to purchase the Avatar. Money coming from sales goes directly to the DAO fund, this money is spent according to what the community votes for. So as we stated, this means that the Avatar is not intended to and will not generate any profit for bloXmove. It serves purely as a governance ID for bloXmove’s DAO.

The Avatars

You may be wondering what character we chose as a base for the Avatar: well, who else other than our iconic Silverlynx could fulfil that role? 😉

A specimen of the silverlynx line of NFT avatars

We decided to release Avatars for our (semi-)DAO governance set-up as they can offer a wide range of benefits to you, the community. One of the many beautiful features of using Avatars is that they can ‘grow’ based on contributions to the bloXmove DAO, which in turn lead to additional benefits to its holders and therefore stimulate active DAO participation.

Avatar governance rights initially start out with voting for fund allocation and the opportunity to determine the functionalities and development direction of our products/services in the mobility sector. As time progresses, more perks and benefits will be added to the Avatars. These can include but are not limited to: travel discounts (only available in countries where the bloXmove mobility app is offered, e.g. in Nigeria), event access, staking/liquidity providing bonuses & more.

As briefly touched upon in the introduction, the Avatar can be obtained in different ways. Initially it is released to the ones who subscribe via our whitelist application (bottom of this page). Community members presenting a minimum of 20000 tokenweeks (One tokenweek is the number of tokens multiplied by the number of weeks the community member has staked them) can mint their Avatar for free (except transaction costs from your wallet).

People who do not want to provide liquidity and lock tokens, can purchase the Avatar after applying via the whitelist. As we stated, any money obtained via Avatar sales goes into the DAO Development Fund managed by the community. bloXlab, the team behind bloXmove, does not profit from the sales as this is not bloXlab/bloXmove’s business model.

After purchasing an Avatar, interactions and contributions to the bloXmove DAO ecosystem are required to obtain and maintain governance rights. An Avatar is charged with governance rights and voting power. Voting power starts at 1 (1 vote) and increases the more the Avatar holder contributed to the DAO.

Examples of contributions/participation include, but are not limited to:

Staking BLXM tokens for X weeks

• Providing a certain amount of liquidity (USDC:BLXM) to a DEX for X number of weeks

• Sharing and interacting with bloXmove content (Zealy quests)

• Contributing to the DAO via voting for the allocation of funds & the destination of funds

• To be included at a later stage: contributing actively by supporting development e.g. providing customers, drivers, marketing etc.

• Developers/programmers: building out the technical functionalities required/requested

• Etc.

Collection Size

There will be a maximum size to the collection of 1000 Avatars. We do not expect that the collection will sell out nor that it is needed to sell out as the Avatar is used for DAO governance. Avatars are obtained by providing liquidity, buying them in the initial sale, or by buying them off the open market.

NFT avatar pricing

The price of an Avatar (when not providing liquidity) is 50 dollars. Money collected from the Avatar sales is spent according to the community wishes.

Avatar Benefits

Further benefits of the Avatars will come to light in the coming months and be explained through separate articles. Of course, here also DAO governance can come into play and you will be able to provide your input on additional functionalities of the Avatars which we thought of.


Whitelisting started on October 25th:

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