Introducing Compliance Lists: Strengthening Security and Regulatory Compliance with bloXroute

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2 min readJun 19, 2024

bloXroute is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to its services with the introduction of Compliance Lists. Designed to bolster security and regulatory compliance for validators and builders, Compliance Lists are curated watchlists of specific address sets, maintained according to stringent criteria.

Enhancing Security and Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Lists serve as crucial tools for validators, allowing them to ensure that any blocks they propose steer clear of transactions involving addresses listed on selected compliance lists. This capability allows validators to uphold regulatory and ethical standards seamlessly within their operational frameworks.

For builders, leveraging Compliance Lists involves a streamlined process of querying and integrating the latest compliance data into their block-building processes. By accessing the Compliance Lists endpoint, builders can efficiently retrieve and integrate compliance information, ensuring that their blocks align with the latest regulatory and security protocols.

Available Compliance Lists

Currently, bloXroute offers five distinct Compliance Lists:

  • OFAC: A list of addresses sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • Sanction Watchlist: Addresses associated with sanctioned entities globally.
  • Sanction Exposure Watchlist: Addresses exposed to funds linked with sanctioned entities.
  • Cybercrime Watchlist: Addresses involved in documented cybercrime activities.
  • Suspicious Watchlist: Addresses suspected of involvement in criminal or sanctioned activities.

Implementation for Validators and Builders

Validators can integrate Compliance Lists into their operations by specifying the desired list through the bloXroute regulated relay and validator gateway. This integration ensures that blocks proposed by validators adhere to predefined compliance standards, safeguarding against unauthorized transactions.

Builders can easily retrieve compliance data through the Compliance Lists endpoint. By utilizing their authorization headers, builders can efficiently query and incorporate compliance information into their block submissions, enhancing the regulatory compliance and security posture of their applications.


Compliance Lists represent an advancement in enhancing the security, compliance, and operational efficiency of the Ethereum network.

For more details on how Compliance Lists can benefit you, visit our documentation.



bloXroute Team
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