Q1 2019 Roadmap — Update

By Eyal Markovich, COO

The bloXroute team continues to make progress on building and deploying our blockchain scalability solution.

Over the last two months we focused on:

  • completing the necessary features required for the first Miner tests planned for March,
  • integrating the BDN with Bitcoin and Ethereum for QA purposes,
  • developing the required monitoring and dashboards and,
  • building the required processes to deploy and manage our production environment.

On the personnel side, we added three new employees to our office in Israel which immensely contributed to our product development. We are still short on good developers in both our Chicago or Israeli offices.

Version 1

We now plan to release Version 1 of the bloXroute BDN in Q2 2019 and not Q1 2019 for additional QA testing. We still plan for V1 of our product to include at least 15 nodes across 5 continents. As activity levels increase, we will scale up the network; we are still targeting 30–50 nodes in Q3 2019. The API will support both Bitcoin and Ethereum gateways to start, including both PoW and PoS.

Below is the progress we’ve made on V1:

I want to share some more information on what we focused on in the last two months:

Bitcoin and Ethereum for QA purposes

In Q4 we added the ability for the BDN to simultaneously support different networks, i.e. the same set of Relay nodes can support different blockchain networks at the same time. This is a huge savings as it allows us to reduce the amount of nodes we need to deploy for testing and QA purposes. This also allowed us to expand our testing networks without the need to spin up new BDNs. Having a constant load against our test environment is a key element to ensure the stability and reliability of our BDN. Up until now, we have been spinning up our own test blockchain network and using transaction generators to create load. Now, we have added a few nodes of Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum and they all send transactions to our TestNet network. We obviously do not use this as a stress test but it is a great functionality test for us — for example, we were able to identify and fix a problem with Compact blocks and SegWit just by doing so.


Our internal Dashboards (which we are also planning to make most of them public) are key to our success in finding and resolving performance bottlenecks. It is very difficult to pinpoint a bottleneck in a network with 10 relay nodes that are supporting tens or hundreds of blockchain nodes pushing hundreds of transaction per second. We now have the ability to see the entire block life cycle as it enters our network through delivery to endpoints. (This is also true for transactions). These dashboards will serve a key role in Q1 as we work on tuning and performance optimization.

Block Life Cycle

Miner tests

Earlier this month we announced a partnership with Rawpool, a public Bitcoin mining pool with deep experience mining both BTC and BCH, and YEE Chain, a development team within the global video communication software YeeCall. They will be among the first adopters of the bloXroute BDN Version 1 and will participate in the first beta testing scheduled for March. This test will be followed by a large-scale test in April that will include many miners and non-mining nodes.

Production environment

We now have a separate and dedicated environment (called bloXroute testnet) which we consider a production environment. On average, our developers are spinning up 4–5 BDN networks daily for development and testing purposes. We wanted to make sure that the process for deploying and managing the production environment will be separate from the developer’s environments. The production environment is fully monitored via Datadog and our internal health check and dashboards. Upgrades to the testnet are done weekly using a streamlined upgrade process which we plan to use when we go live.

BLXR Launch

While the development team is working on the product, we have also made progress in our regulatory filings for our Security Token offering. We continue to work closely with our outside counsel to ensure our token sale is in line with applicable regulations. This process has taken longer than expected thus we now expect our token launch in the second half of 2019. We will provide more details as they become available.


Thank you again for the continued support on our journey to solve the blockchain scalability problem. The best way to stay up to date regarding our Version 1 launch, and other company information is by following us on Twitter @bloxroutelabs.

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We’re always looking for good people!

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