Update — bloXroute development roadmap

By Eyal Markovich, COO

We have been overwhelmed by the positive support from our community; thank you for joining us as we work to solve the blockchain scalability problem! As we continue to build out our platform, we wanted to update our community on the progress we have made and plans for the future.

Seeing is believing.

Unfazed by Chicago’s beautiful (albeit erratic) summer, the bloXroute team has been hard at work to build and deploy our proof of concept to show the community how bloXroute works to dramatically improve blockchain scalability. We even flew in the big guns. Co-founder Soumya Basu, our CTO and creator of the Falcon network, left behind his academic life at Cornell to join us in Chicago for this important build. We’ve accomplished a lot thus far and want to share that progress with you as well as where we are headed.

What we’ve accomplished.

Where we’re going.

Since we started on bloXroute, we have been approached by several blockchains for integration. This is a great testament to the importance of our project. However, we needed to remain focused on the immediate development goals in order to release the product for general availability by Q1 2019.

While we develop Version 1 of our product, we are also focusing on building a proof of concept in collaboration with a blockchain development partner in order to demonstrate the immediate value that can be achieved from our technology. We will issue a separate announcement with the results in the next few weeks.

From a hiring standpoint, we plan to build an engineering team of around 10 developers with a focus on networking, distributed systems, DevOps and obviously crypto/blockchains. Concurrently, we plan to grow our non-tech team to support our organization.

What will be included in Version 1?

Version 1 of the bloXroute Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) will be a fully functional network with support for Bitcoin and Ethereum. It will also provide a comprehensive API for any blockchain to integrate with our platform and take advantage of our robust BDN.

Below is a high level roadmap for Version 1:

We will provide additional updates as we make progress in our mission to scale blockchains.

Join the bloXroute team! 
We are excited to solve a core challenge to widespread blockchain adoption for all blockchains and are always looking for passionate partners to help us on this important journey. If you want to join, please check out our available positions to work with the bloXroute team in our Chicago offices.