Solving Cowspiracy, in a few small steps.

Six Foods Chirps Chips

Earlier this year, I popped my curious hat on to sit down and watch the much talked about Cowspiracy. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve seen, by a long shot, but it did bring to light a bit of an uncomfortable truth that isn’t going to go away. Population is constantly growing, we have limited space and resource on the planet, and well, eating meat is one of the worst things that you can be doing for the environment.

Now as a proud meat-eater, this wasn’t the best news. Steak frites is a common fantasy and to think that it was causing the planet harm resulted in huge conflict for my poor millennial self. However, sticking true to being earnest (and hipster), I cut back on my carnivorous consumption and made space for a more green diet. But, I kept getting flashbacks to my 15 year old, anti-vegetarian, debating society speech: ‘WHERE WILL YOU GET MY PROTEIN FROM?!’

Bring forward a new, peculiar option: the insect. As it goes, it takes ten kilograms of animal feed to produce 1 kilogram of beef. For the locust, the efficiency is miles ahead: 10kg of feed results in 9kg of locust meat. Now, coupled with the fact that they require less land to produce meat, (the clue’s in the size) we really should be lining up.

Here’s the problem though: yuckiness. The thought of munching on these critters is verging on the repulsive. (That’s why ITV makes so much money out of I’m A Celeb). Us Westernites aren’t ready for the full-on bug buffet yet, but introducing them in a less recognisble could be an option. And it is. Exo, Six Foods and Chapul are all businesses that are increasingly popular and their food is made out of cricket flour. Now, this doesn’t mean that we’re all chomping at the bit for cockroaches but it is a necessary step in the right direction. A bigger shift will need to come if we’re to have a sustainable planet, but for now I’m off to find me some cricket flour chips/bars/whatever.

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