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You asked, we listened. Our latest update.

Things have been busy at Blue Bite. Since our last update, we have been working to enhance the ways brands can transform their products to connect with customers. We’re excited to share that our latest update includes many of the features you have been asking for, and a few more.

Today we think of email and social media as the primary content channels to reach audiences. However, those solutions lack the ability to provide great customer experiences and add value to products. Email is limited and traditionally has low engagement rates. Social media is cluttered with many brands vying for the same customer attention, coupled with the pitfall of being owned by a third party rather than you. At Blue Bite we strive to solve these issues by allowing brands to connect directly to their customers through products.

With this mission in mind, coupled with the requests you’ve made, we’ve released a new version of Blue Bite. We’ve added new types of links and content so you can get more creative with the experiences you create and the way you engage your users. We’ve also added macros to keep experiences contextual, and a feedback section to make providing your thoughts and opinions seamless.

Finally, with authentication and exclusive content becoming increasingly popular, we’ve added new capabilities to ensure the experiences you create are only accessed by those who it’s meant for.

Take a look at our feature recaps below to learn about each one in depth.

Exclusive Content: We understand the importance of exclusivity: it drives desirability and adds product value. To heighten this feeling, Blue Bite has implemented exclusive content. Now, the content embedded in your products cannot be shared with those who do not own the item. If an experience link is shared, the receiver of the link can be driven to a fallback, safeguarding the product’s special digital experience. Moreover, a new verification experience allows your customers to verify the authenticity of an item.

Link Types: We’ve added new link types, allowing you to link your products to more types of content, and adding flexibility to the types of experiences you provide your customers. Now, URLs, mail, telephone, app download, and deep links are available in the experience studio and dashboard so you can connect with your users in the most relevant way.

Content Types: With new link types also come new content types. Experiences now support image, text (beta), HTML snippet, photo gallery, form entry (beta), schedule (beta), and countdown (beta). With these new content types, you can engage your customers in more ways and with experiences that are hyper-relevant to the customer and product.

Macros: Blue Bite’s defining feature is our ability to integrate dynamic content into experiences so that every customer interaction is truly unique. We’ve updated the experience studio to allow you to include dynamic references to product attributes directly within an experience.

Feedback Forum: We really appreciate what you have to say, and always consider your asks in our updates. It’s why we’ve made it even easier to for you to provide feedback.

We are excited to see what you create with these new tools. As always, we’re open to hearing your suggestions and incorporating them into our development cycles.

You can get started building digital product experiences at or, if you’re an existing customer, simply login to the dashboard.



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