A roundup of Hashbase projects — week 2

It was another exciting week on Hashbase!

We saw a bunch of new projects and datasets uploaded, and several folks started hosting their personal websites with Hashbase:

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite projects added to Hashbase this week:

A mixmap demo for natural Earth shaded relief data, by substack

dat://mixmap-ne2swr-cities-demo-substack.hashbase.io/ (open in Beaker)

FaceBot, a proof of concept peer-to-peer social network on Dat, by robostrom

dat://facebot-robostrom.hashbase.io/ (open in Beaker)

P.S. Stay tuned, there are some exciting things happening on the p2p social network front :)

A live-editing app by rjsteinert

dat://live-editing-rjsteinert.hashbase.io/ (open in Beaker)

Get started

We’re looking forward to seeing what else people build with Hashbase’s tools, especially what people build using Beaker’s peer-to-peer Web APIs.

Make your first Dat archive with the Beaker browser or the Dat CLI, then sign up for Hashbase and get 100MB of storage space for free!

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