Please Stop Ignoring Congressman Shimkus; He Needs To Go

Hello, it’s the Illinois 15th checking in.

In all the discontent over some of Congressman Davis’ recent choices, you may have forgotten about your neighbors to the South in the Illinois 15th District.

Our Representative is John Shimkus. He’s been in the House of Representatives for 20 years now, and over time he’s repeatedly proven his incompetency, especially towards the issue of climate change.

You see, Congressman Shimkus is a climate change denier. And he’s serving on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Yeah, you heard it right. The IL 15th is being represented by a climate change denier on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. It’s embarrassing. But it gets worse…

In January, Congressman Shimkus was selected to chair the panel’s Environment Subcommittee which oversees the EPA. He stated his objectives, saying “The subcommittee will take the lead on reining in the EPA, dismantling the Obama Administration’s anti-coal rules and regulations, and reforming the Renewable Fuels Standard to provide certainty to producers, refiners and consumers.”

The Congressman has no inclination to protect the Earth we live on. He only cares about protecting the special interests that contribute to his campaigns. Just a quick internet search will easily reveal the huge sums of money the Congressman has raked in.

Our Congressman is not representing us. He is embarrassing us. Please help us unseat him.

-A submitted letter to the editor in the News Gazette