Students Support Jon Ebel for Congress

Ebel (center) speaks at the Illini Democrat Congressional Forum

We need a candidate who can unseat Rodney Davis. We need someone who is a better speaker, a better policymaker, and a better leader, than Rodney Davis. As a student, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the UIUC student body decide who that person is. It’s Jon Ebel.

While the primary vote to determine who will unseat Davis seems far in the future, Ebel has already gained student support. The reason? They view him as the candidate who can build a diverse coalition of the progressive left, the centrists, and even some of the moderate right. He is the progressive who can win.

Ebel is fiercely supportive of universal healthcare and access to education, granting him appeal to Democrats. He also has military experience and religious expertise that equip him with unique knowledge and character lacking in any of the other candidates.

This is Jon Ebel’s first bid for public office. In a time when the establishment is resented and “business as usual” is synonymous with corruption, being an outsider is essential, and it garners respect from both sides of the aisle. Ebel doesn’t seek office because of a quest for power. He is compelled to serve by a sense of duty.

Ebel for Congress is grassroots. It is powered by people — not money. Ebel’s only allegiances are to his morals, his community, and his country. The campaign’s enthusiastic volunteer base and broad student support prove that Ebel for Congress is right on track.

-Written by Illini for Ebel

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