From LSE to BSA

Tejasvini Puri
Jan 26 · 3 min read

A career decision that ticked all the right boxes.

The appeal of Blue Sky Analytics was instant.

After completing my masters in Applicable Mathematics from the London School of Economics (LSE), I returned to India, despite the insistence of many to stay back in London. However, I always knew I wanted to start my career in India- there is simply no match for the energy and potential of the human capital here! This belief was also strengthened during my undergrad in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, a premier institution offering the best quality education in India. I had the opportunity to be taught by experts and be a part of a diverse range of societies ranging from debating, quizzing to the environment.

St. Stephens College- I had the opportunity to avail best quality education in India

I began searching for opportunities at various data analytics firms, firms that leveraged the power of data to transform the world. I was looking for an offer that was special, something that was difficult to say no to.

While dabbling in various directions, I was introduced to Blue Sky Analytics. It seemed to tick all the right boxes. The tech was innovative, the work environment was stimulating and accommodative and the future very promising. After some initial research on Blue Sky’s cutting-edge space-tech and interactions with the super impressive team, I knew this is a journey I wanted to be a part of.

The interview process was creative and informal, which created an enabling environment for me to be my best while being assessed as a candidate. It also provided me with a deeper insight of what the company stands for and the global scale at which they are operating. By then I was superbly invested in Blue Sky Analytics’ goal of being the data backbone of a sustainable economy.

Since joining the strategy team, I have gained exposure that I had not dreamed of at this stage of my career. From attending the best networking events to strategising core aspects of business development, the learning curve has been immense.

At Blue Sky Analytics, I am not only gaining a profound understanding of business strategy, but I am also able to make the most of my mathematical background by learning about the ground-breaking geospatial data refinery Blue Sky Analytics is building. It has proved to be the perfect platform for me to launch my career as well as make a positive impact early on.

Super smart Millenials saving the planet, one dataset at a time- Team Blue Sky

And then there’s the team.

The Blue Sky team undoubtedly represents the smartest young minds across disciplines. Working closely with the designers, data scientists and developers has been an eye-opening experience for me- they’re delivering trailblazing products with such speed!

In a short span, they have churned out a catalogue of high resolution, continuous environmental datasets and APIs that are widely being integrated across finance, policy and healthcare sectors. The first two products, BreeZo: Ambient Air Quality Dataset along with Zuri: POC on farm & forest fires even won us the ‘Space Oscars’ from European Space Agency!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” These words of Abraham Lincoln have been proven true by Blue Sky Analytics and resonate greatly with my experience as a team member.

High-resolution, continuous environmental datasets using satellites- Blue Sky Analytics’ brilliant innovation

Blue Sky is at the intersection of two incredibly exciting spaces that are going to define this decade - climate action and AI and its mission of building the Bloomberg for Environmental Data is going to transform the world.

Blue Sky Analytics has been that special offer, the one I couldn’t say no to.

And I’m glad I didn’t.

If you like us believe this is the decade of AI for speedy climate action and want to be a part of this exciting journey, drop in a mail to

Do your future generations a favor, become a part of the fight against climate change, apply now!

Blue Sky Thinking

Using Technology & Data to save the Planet

Tejasvini Puri

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Blue Sky Thinking

Using Technology & Data to save the Planet

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