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Once upon a time in the 2020s

Starring Novel Coronavirus and Deadly Climate Change

Abhilasha Purwar
Mar 19 · 4 min read

In 2019, we witnessed an onslaught of problems, forest fires across Amazon, Africa, Alaska, Siberia, and Australia. Unprecedented levels of ice melting in Greenland and Antarctica. The hottest summer in Europe. Deadly Air Pollution in India. The near demise of Indian democracy and secularism. And as we were coping and building strategies to solve these impossibly difficult gigantic and complex problems, we were hit by a novel virus that halted the entire world to its knees.

As we entered the new year of 2020, the new decade, news regarding a new virus surfaced around the world. In India, we were still struggling with the attack on universities, state-sponsored attacks on minorities, blatant human rights abuse, and what seemed like the end of a nation as we knew it.

They say, the best way to solve a problem is to get a bigger one, and seems like looking at the state of the nations, the planet decided to do exactly that.

In first 100 days of the new decade, more than 10,000 people across the world died from a novel virus. The flu virus is pretty common, and every year many of us spend a few days suffering from “viral” and binging some shit CIA/FBI Netflix show. Except for this virus was more contagious and had a serious penchant for killing old people.

They say, Hard times reveal true friends, well Hard times sure do reveal true society.

While many male leaders of the global states were yet to recognize the seriousness of the disease, deploy the resources at hand, call for containment, and announce travel, movement restrictions. People across the world began emptying the supermarket aisles in their attempts to hoard toilet paper for the award of cleanest butt in the apocalypse. In the land of freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, preparations were underway for the real-time call of duty, perhaps in search of the ever so scarce toilet paper.

For the climate alarmists like myself, it was a time of a really nice staycation and catching up with our much-needed sleep. Three years into attempting, leading, struggling, and probably some delivering of climate action, cause, awareness, conversation, and investments in India, my tired soul was living some final moments of “I told you so”.

Imagine if empty shelves in the supermarket can cause such a panic, what will ya’ll do when your taps run dry and temperatures soar impossibly high. Because that day, my friend, will strike us before the end of the decade.

For years climate action has been stalled in the name of economic development. What Greta calls the “fairytales of eternal economic growth” and boomers refer to as an excuse for inaction. For decades prior to 2020, we placed much higher value, priorities, investment into a wide abundance of utterly useless line items above the basics of our planetary survival. Though, Coronavirus is the biggest scare of the day, fundamentally changing the life, business, and the world as we know it. The real challenge is yet to come.

If the decade 2020 is a movie, Corona is just the trailer, wait for the climax where the real villain of Climate Change shall make its appearance

But there is a ray of hope. Our healthcare workers are fighting the Covid-19 battle right now: many across the world have not gone home in days, are serving patients despite the risk of infection, and even giving their lives on the frontlines. It is high time, that we, the remaining members of society finally register the impending Climate Crisis and dedicate our lives to solving it.

Doctors at the Covid-19 crisis frontlines : Dr Li Wenliang, the Wuhan doctor who on 30 Dec 2019 warned about a possible outbreak of a SARS like illness died on 7 Feb 2020 from Covid-19; Picture showing face mask scars from working overtime; Female healthcare workers in China cutting hair to wear protection gear.

Whatever is your profession or career today, can be shifted to Climate Action. Sales, Account, Finance, Investment, Marketing, Advertising, Data Science, Product Development, Logistics, Research, Management; whatever it is you do, can be focused on Climate Action. Remember, it is no longer growth time, but survival pathway. Let’s not wait for the climate outbreak and be a tad bit proactive. Get on the climate crisis frontline, Now.

Blue Sky Thinking

Using Technology & Data to save the Planet

Abhilasha Purwar

Written by

Founder & CEO, Blue Sky Analytics

Blue Sky Thinking

Using Technology & Data to save the Planet

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