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Melanie Wijeratna
Blue Star Ink
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2 min readJun 15, 2024


That’s what you are

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We’ve all been there. Been around that one person, who constantly, quietly, nitpicked at us. Told us, nonchalantly, all the things we were doing wrong. Pointed out blithely, all the ways we were wrong.

Maybe that one person…was actually us.

Having a big loud negative voice, inside of yourself constantly cutting you down, is hard. That voice came from somewhere. Developed somehow. Maybe a family member. Or a childhood friend. But sure enough, that voice developed.

In my case, that voice was silenced years ago. Around the time of the end of the Pandemic.

Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash

Nowadays, I have a different angel on my shoulder. Two angels. No devils.

One is brilliant.

The other is beautiful.

They both say good things to me. Instead of a thousand tiny cuts a day to my soul and wellbeing, I tell myself a thousand tiny good things, I do. For myself. For my community. For my world.

What two angels do you have on your shoulders?

Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

What thousand tiny little things, do you tell yourself, each and everyday?



Melanie Wijeratna
Blue Star Ink

I am a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and a PROSCI-certified People Change Manager. I’m also an ultra-runner and have lived and worked all over.