How to help her feel less self-conscious

Melanie Wijeratna
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3 min readJun 14, 2024


Relationship do’s

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Ok so, if you have a sensitive lady, as your paramour, and you think she’s divine and wonderful and ethereal like a feather,

You’ve probably also noticed she’s sensitive about everything.

Including what you say about her.

Here are my three tips on how to help her be a little more relaxed, around you.

Disclaimer: This story is totally based on my own experiences. It may, or may not, work for you. It doesn’t speak for all women.

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Be nice

You have feedback to give her? Maybe she did something new with her hair? Or tried on a new colour of nail polish? You’re not entirely sure it works for her? And you know she’s sensitive as heck?

Filter filter filter, my friend!

Point out that you notice she got a new haircut, or that she tried a new splash of nail polish. Ask her how she feels about it.

There is a high chance that if you two are in a committed relationship, she might have done it to both to please you, and try something new.



Melanie Wijeratna
Blue Star Ink

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