One Man’s Perspective: Intercourse

Also Known As “Fucking”

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Note: I wanted to put out a series of pieces that follow a similar theme, to provide women with a personal view into the mind of a man on a series of topics. The goal is to allow women a window into the mind of a man — so that you — the female reader, may partake in the thought pattern of somebody, male or female, going down on you.

The idea is to help you to understand what is going through our heads as men (or at least my head) on certain very intimate acts like — sexual intercourse (aka ‘fucking’)–or eating pussy, or fingering a woman, or anal sex, or vaginal penetration, or phone sex, or our perspectives on what is sexy, or dominance and submission, or other topics I will add to this series.

I especially explore the thoughts that come to us — during the moment — while the act is taking place. These will be titled here as One Man’s Perspective: <insert sin here>

This is part of the series titled One Man’s Perspective.


Should I just say “You Are Welcome” now? Settle in for this one because I am aiming high and the goal is to cover a lot.

Now even though I already said it in the note, this is just my own personal perspective on vaginal intercourse, not some fuckin’ proclamation of what is supposed to be standard for everyone, so please direct all your criticisms to

Now let’s dive into…

Fucking. Intercourse. Penetration. Coitus. Copulation. Mating. Gettin’ Busy. Going All The Way. Humping. Hitting a Home Run. Making Babies. Shagging. Gettin’ Some. Sex. Putting Your P in a V. Banging. Boning. Nailing. Pounding It Out. Feeding Her Your Meat.

OK, you get the point.

Sex is something that impacts all of us in so many ways and at such an early age it is hard to not see this as the ultimate way to connect with somebody. As you fall in love — it is “the thing” that is always that elephant in the room.

With the right person, there is nothing else that rivals it. With the wrong person, it still is pretty damn amazing.

It is a tool that we all use to either avoid getting too close by holding it back or for assholes, a tool that is used for our own self-gratification.

Sex. Nothing quite like it in this world.

It is — the pinnacle physical and emotional experience you will have in life.

Falling in love and even having children, the other emotional experiences that I can think of that are greater, is either commenced by or a byproduct of fucking.

There is nothing quite like sex; there just isn’t.

That First Thrust. So as promised, my personal perspective is beginning to take form here and why not start at the beginning. That beginning being, of course, that first thrust into her. Now since the readership of this blog tends to be of the penis-less variety, and I am trying to shed light for you women what we think and feel, and some of you don’t have communicative men or many experiences, let me just say this: that first thrust inside a woman is beyond physiologically mind-blowing.

The wetness and warmth that is the insides of a woman send sensations across our most sensitive body part and there is no other moment quite like it, besides when we orgasm. Fucking unreal.

We may jerk off and cum alone watching porn but it is this physical feeling that is just irreplaceable anywhere else. You don’t hold the keys to the kingdom; you are the kingdom.

Excuse me while I go shove my cock into a warm glass of water. All this talk about the “feeling” of warmth and wetness is just killing me.

Ok, I am back, although it didn’t quite do the job. Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond will start selling glassware that does kegels soon.

So on that note, I’d say a topic change is in order.

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Attention To Detail, Exploring Her Body and Making Her Cum. Now as I have gotten older I have come to the what-should-have-been-obvious realization that in order to really catapult the sexual experience into the stratosphere, the maybe learn a fucking thing or twenty about the female anatomy. If you even just read a little bit, you’ll quickly learn that her body is a very amazing wonderland of so many erogenous zones that any man with an ounce of ambition, ego, and attention to detail can quickly become something she desperately aches for in no time.

So when you fuck her, keep her clit going, nice and wet, and watch the fireworks display as that orgasm comes into form. One thing that is completely different between the male and female brain is that the time after that first orgasm.

Us men are doomed with what is known as a refractory period, meaning post-orgasm, there is a grace period before we are able to cum again, however women, the opposite it true. After the first orgasm, the brain activity in them indicates that they are more susceptible to another orgasm, and another, and another — so I suggest you take this opportunity and blow her fucking mind.

So pay attention boys — you have an opportunity to be a fuckin’ man here. Play with her clit, wedge a finger or two inside her while your cock is pounding her cervix so you can play with her G spot, and send her to the moon and back. You will find a new level of appreciation for you is bursting out of her.

Learn her fuckin’ body for heaven’s sake and pay attention to her noises, when she writhes and bucks, and by God, try your damndest to make her cum, and as much as you possibly can.

Ass Play, Tit Play, Clit Play, Just Play. This just feels amazing for me too. Two fingers in her ass as my cock moves back and forth inside her, contacting with my fingertips pressed up against that thin wall of skin between her pussy and ass — my God this is crippling to me and her.

Or, as mentioned above, there is nothing quite like spinning a record on her clit and watching her cum while my cock is inside her and she kicks and bucks and you know something magical is happening in her body right now but you just keep on bringing it as you fuck her and continue making that orgasm last longer when you keep spinning that record.

And never ignore those tits. You have a mouth after all and unless you are kissing her you might as well use it because it is just one more way that you can elevate her experience.

Cooperation. God, I find it sexy when a woman participates in making herself cum. My mind is just sent to another place when I see her slide her hand down between her legs, put two fingers over her clit, and touch herself while I am inside her. Or maybe she is squeezing those beautiful breasts in agonizing bliss as I fuck my passion into her. Or maybe she decides she wants a toy in her ass while I fuck her, or a vibrator on her clit.

Either way — the idea that she is masturbating while I fuck her is just downright sexy as fuck.

Eye Contact and Communication. Fuckin’ eye contact. Oh my God. This just slays me and when I see her stare right up at me and smile it has to be one of the sexiest moments in life. It is when we communicate nonverbally and no words are needed as she shows me exactly what I am doing to her body as my dick is inside her. She says it loud and clear and I am inside her.

She tells me with her facial expressions “Fucking keep this up because it feels amazing” as my cock is drilling her A spot and she is falling apart. Her face is telling the whole story; no words are even needed at this moment.

Now, on communication, when she does decides she is capable to “use words” it is like a gift from heaven when the moans and screams turn into “Fuck Daddy. Fuck Daddy. Goddamn, you feel so good. Fuuuuccck!!”

Maybe it is my ego that needs to hear this but why overthink it — hearing it makes me lose my mind and become addicted to it so I up my game even more so I can make her cum again and get those words of validation that she is truly crawling out of her skin over me.

I need those words, I need those moans and screams, and fuck do I ever I need that eye contact.

I do not understand when men prefer doggy style over another position where I can see her facial expressions for this reason alone, which acts as a good segway into the next topic.

Positions: Missionary. Now people are usually shocked when I get an Ask and they say “TRD, what is your favorite position?”. The answer is and always will be “Missionary or some variation of it.”

I want to see you. I want to experience you in your most intimate ways. I want to have access to your clit, G spot, ass should I decide to fuck it, tits to squeeze and suck and bite and slap, your neck for when I squeeze it, mouth to kiss to remind you that I although I am rough I am still crazy in love with you, your hair to pull you towards me, and your eyes.

Show me another position that gives me all of that and I am listening but until then I am going conservation Christian on your body and you can take your “this isn’t as cool” attitude and bite down on it as I make you cum into the double digits.

Positions: Doggy Style. Now I don’t hate doggy style. I get to pound your O spot and yank your hair like never before, pull your back up against mine, rub your clit, and to be quite honest, if you want a window into the mind of a man, it visually is just sexy as fuck to bend a woman over and stare down at her symmetry.

Those ass cheeks and her little rosebud just staring right up at me as I slide my cock with better leverage than any other position to just fuck her as hard as I possibly can. On top of that, two fingers in her ass is a must in this position.

Then standing above her so my legs are adjacent hers is a transition I love to make because “honey if you thought I was fucking you hard before, just wait” because here comes my beast mode.

And women love this feeling too so for that reason alone it is worthwhile, but not nearly as hot as watching her face. Once again — my personal perspective. I am sure plenty of people will disagree.

Positions: On Your Side. Now here is my second favorite because it pretty much gives me Missionary plus Doggy. I still have your clit, can kiss you, stare into your eyes, yank your hair, pound you hard, and all the best stuff but the downside is that I am laying on one arm so I have fewer options, and when you get tired and I need to hold your leg up, I have no arms available to rub your clit, squeeze your tits, or work my magic in any other ways.

Now I should say, there are millions of more positions that I didn’t hit on because for fuck’s sake I have shit to do, but it is worth noting that when a woman rides you, reverse cowgirl, sideways, or facing you — it is so fucking hot to watch a woman fuck you with her pussy. To just get it. To witness her ambition and watch her know exactly where “her spot is” as she uses your dick like some inanimate object so she can make herself cum. God, that vision is just sexy.

The Grand Finale: The Creampie. Fuck I love cumming inside a woman. To me, something feels so cheapened about the bond that we just experienced when I pull out, cum on her stomach, back, in my hand, or even in her mouth, although that last one is extremely sexy to have taken place.

I want to express my love for you at the deepest level, which is totally irresponsible if not wanting a baby, but still, I cannot help but fight that inner voice and emotion that tells me — this is the pinnacle way to say that “I am all fucking yours.”

But this is me and I don’t want to come off as promoting irresponsible sex — this is my personal viewpoint and what speaks to my being at the moment I orgasm. I want my seed inside you, eventually seeping out of you, so I can watch you spoon feed it into your mouth and taste the mixture of our juices. To see that is beyond sexy. Just beyond hot.

So that is my take on “fucking.” I am sure I missed a lot but oh well, it is better than sitting in my drafts forever, right? Perfection is the enemy of done.


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Blue Stocking Gazette

High Brow Porn — Please feel free to email if you have something you would like to submit that is high brow and slightly or really pornographic. We are interested in ambitious stories that go beyond mere sex description. Something that has an idea in it.

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