CLOSED — Blue Whale ICO: 27,275,000 BWX tokens Bounty program — CLOSED

Dear Blue Whale fans, Thank you all for your warm support and contribution.

We have successfully completed our bounty campaign.

How much bounty is Blue Whale giving out?

For the pre-ICO bounty campaign, a total of 27,275,000 BWX is up for grabs! The rewards for this bounty focuses on the quality of contribution, with majority of the bounty to be awarded to the best submissions.

If the community overwhelms us with high-quality submissions for this bounty campaign, we may consider increasing the total number of BWX tokens for grabs and increase the bounty for top prizes!

What is the deadline for submission?

All submissions are welcome until 15th May 2018, 10:00am UTC.

How can I contribute to Blue Whale Bounty campaign?

We are excited to present two ways you can participate! High-quality, original, accurate and in-depth content would play a significant factor in the selection process.

  1. Articles/ blog reviews
  2. Video reviews

How do I show that my content deserves to be rewarded with large bounties?

That depends on how well you can address the key objective of the bounty campaign which is to increase awareness of Blue Whale’s value proposition and its applications.

  1. For articles/blog reviews

Our Bounty Campaign Managers will manually review ALL submitted articles and blog reviews. Up to 20 high-quality articles, addressing the key objectives stated above, will be shortlisted for community voting to determine which is the best! Key areas that we look out for when shortlisting articles/blogs are originality, accuracy, reach and depth of analysis.

The prize structure is designed to give huge rewards to the best written articles/blog reviews!

Top 3 articles/blog reviews will receive 1,500,000 BWX, 1,300,000 BWX and 1,000,000 BWX, respectively.

Top 20 Articles/blog reviews shortlisted for voting will each receive between 180,000 to 500,000 BWX, depending on ranking.

Other high-qualifying articles/blog reviews outside of top 20, deemed to be original and accurate, will receive up to 50,000 BWX.

Articles submission link : BOUNTY CLOSED

2. For video reviews

As with articles and blog reviews, we will manually review ALL submitted video reviews. We will shortlist up to 10 video reviews, addressing the two objectives stated above, for community voting to determine which is the best! In addition to originality, accuracy, and depth of analysis, we will place special emphasis on the REACH of your videos!

The prize structure for videos is in the table below. Have you already noticed how much emphasis we place on HIGH-QUALITY content and the rewards that follows it?

Top 3 videos will receive 2,250,000 BWX, 1,950,000 BWX and 1,500,000 BWX, respectively.

Top 10 videos shortlisted for voting will each receive between 570,000 to 750,000 BWX, depending on ranking.

Other high-qualifying videos outside of top 10, deemed to be original and accurate, will receive up to 75,000 BWX.

Videos submission link: BOUNTY CLOSED

We also welcome high-quality submissions in any languages.

Do you have more questions on our bounty campaign? Do join our Bounty Campaign telegram channel and our Bounty Campaign Managers will be happy to address your queries!

Bounty Campaign Telegram Link:

Disclaimer :

Blue Whale management reserves the right to make changes to the amount awarded and has final decision on the amount of rewards distributed.

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