Blue Whale Partnership Ecosystem Explained

Dear Blue Whale Fan-mily,

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far. Beginning in March, we’ve put out our White Paper, concluded our token sale of $30m SGD, held our first-ever VIP Summit on the Sharing Economy and Blockchain in Seoul, and brought together our partners, as well as key opinion leaders in the sharing economy from international organizations such as the UN and the EU.

We’ve also made progress on our development work, as detailed in an earlier article we released about the decentralized marketplace, and SaaS suite — “Splash” — for small enterprises we’re preparing to test out with real life vendors in Korea.

As with all utility tokens, the measure of our success, and the value of our token will depend on how useful BWX is in terms of being an accepted mode of payment for goods and services.

Our team has worked hard to bring together a wide range of partners across various industries to increase the adoption of the BWX token as an accepted mode of payment.

We’ve written before about the partnerships we’ve made, and the MOUs we’ve signed with our partners. Here’s a brief overview of the various companies which have agreed to accept our token on their platforms.

ByClip specializes in developing turnkey IoT enterprise solutions. For instance, one of their projects, StayBinder is a smart access system for AirBnB hosts to provide and manage access to their rental properties. The company is also is a subsidiary of Humax Holdings — a publicly listed company on KOSDAQ — and Alticast, a global digital broadcasting platform developer.

Heybeauty is an application for locating, comparing and booking beauty services such as salons and beauty parlors in Korea’s burgeoning beauty industry.

Design House is Korea’s largest design publication agency which owns several magazine brands and runs large-scale events celebrating design such as the Seoul Design Festival, and the Seoul Living Design Festival for interior designers.

Vanywhere is a video-based consultation platform where skilled individuals, or companies can provide paid, video-based consultations to users who may be looking for technical support, legal advice, life coaching, counselling, and other services.

Unitalent is a platform where businesses can find and hire high-skilled freelancers in web development, and allows for direct, peer-to-peer contracts between freelancers, allowing them to cooperate across different industries.

European Freelancers Week is a series of events and actions created by and for independent workers held in different locations each October. Aspiring to be the TED for independent professionals in Europe, the company hopes to improve the status of freelancers through lobbying and advocacy as well as supporting them in daily operations through partnering with co-working spaces.

LogisticsX is building a common protocol for 3rd party logistics and last mile deliveries and parcel collection services. They are working closely with numerous established global logistics companies, with a special focus on the Asian markets where e-commerce is thriving.

Arcadier is a marketplace builder, helping entrepreneurs build their own customized marketplaces where they can host a variety of sellers, depending on the nature of the business for that particular marketplace.

Jupiter Chain will allow freelancers on the Blue Whale Network to contribute their data to improve their financial credentials and credit scores, growing the value of their ‘credit atom’ within Local Community Ecosystem Chains (LCEC). Data owners have control over their data, and in return gain access to receive tailored financial services such as insurance or loans.

Tokenize is an established cryptocurrency exchange that offers a simple and user-friendly interface with vast options for investments in the form of Fiat-Crypto and Crypto-Crypto trading pairs, which allows freelancers to have easy access to both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies for flexibility in liquidating earnings and sending payments throughout the Blue Whale Network.

Trive is a Venture Capital (VC) company which has engaged over 40 startups across various tech-industries, helping them to expand in Southeast Asia markets. The Blue Whale Foundation has partnered with them to identify promising blockchain startups in the gig and sharing economy, and to help them raise funds through not only private equity, but also through their own Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

We’re constantly looking to expand our list of partners, to increase the utility of the BWX token in the sharing and gig economy. In turn, we hope to be able to provide freelancers and the self-employed with the features of our protocol, which will allow them to cooperate with each other, earn rewards, and achieve sustainable income and social security benefits over time.

We’re excited about what we can achieve together with our partners, and we hope that our contributors will continue to support us in our journey to bring the Blue Whale Foundation into the future of work.