Blue Whale’s Third Generation Blockchain Technology & The Future of Blockchain

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” — Abraham Lincoln

Third Generation Blockchain Technology

To date, blockchain technology has been developed around the first generation blockchain technology, BitCoin, with cryptocurrency being the primary application. Then the second generation blockchain technology, Ethereum, provided a platform to implement smart contract that resulted successful ICO platforms.

Now we need a blockchain to integrate business and a new application that overcomes the limitations of the first and the second generation technologies. The Blue Whale Foundation defines the third generation of blockchain technology that works for all and owned by all!

The third generation of blockchain technology from Blue Whale Foundation is based on the cryptocurrency and ICO models successfully demonstrated by the first and the second generations and goes beyond where anyone can instantly apply blockchain technology to their conventional business effectively and efficiently, as easy as switching on Wifi.

With the emergence of the Internet and telecommunication industries, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and telco companies have become the main players in the information and communication infrastructure of modern society. These changes have automated many tasks and activities that had to be done manually otherwise.

Just as the advent of the internet triggered a revolutionary changes throughout society, blockchain technology has begun to lead towards a new Internet age that moves away from the traditional centralized structure of the Internet. This evolution will create the need to “blockchain your business” in multiple ways.

As the needs increase, the demand for blockchain service provider to enables the online and offline businesses to be able to connect to the blockchain network will increase. Why not simply become decentralised with blockchain technology just as the internet connection through ISP in the Internet Age?

To make our vision into a reality, Blue Whale Foundation will integrate the third generation of blockchain technology and create decentralised ecosystem for the freelancers, small-medium business in the sharing / gig economy. Blockchain technology will encourage the independence and transparent system via the implementation of Blockchain Governance upon the chains of existing industries including the government to grow into transparent and safe operation.

Technical Properties of Blue Whale Network

To implement the aforementioned vision, Blue Whale Foundation outlines the third generation of blockchain technology as follows:

  • To expand the blockchain application with faster transactions
  • Support decision-making algorithm protocol for efficient business process
  • Internal coin issuance for each business to build its own ecosystem
  • Support policies that enable organic connection and separation of various blockchain networks (access control, ID management, etc.) and interoperability
  • Support coin exchange within Blue Whale Network, organisations and individuals without going through external exchanges
  • Improvement in the application of Smart Contract and implementation of verified security system
  • Support development tools to enhance the development productivity
  • Provide support and security for hardware wallets and other types of wallets

Blue Whale blockchain technology encourages independence and self-preservation. We envision for any business to connect their nodes to Blue Whale’s blockchain network with an ease and be able to integrate with decentralised ecosystem where we continue to protect and encourage the freedom of nodes that are on our blockchain configuration.

Blue Whale’s technology vision is not only a technical component but a blockchain that allows existing industries to easily detach themselves from centralised platforms to make more profit and compete fairly with transparency and independence. Therefore, the blockchain will inevitably become the next “Internet” for the technology based industry and its related ecosystem.

New Industrial Transformation and Decentralised Merger & Acquisition (DMA)

The existing capitalist comprised of conglomerates, corporations and shareholders limit the movement between the social classes. As a result, many individuals and small businesses with abundant qualities and excellence suffer with a stunted growth that prevent them from reaching their potential to become a successful technology-based company of their field.

One of blockchain’s greatest benefit is that it can effectively decentralise existing centralised institutions and businesses. Based on the technical characteristics of the blockchain, Blue Whale Foundation has created a blockchain-based Decentralised Merger & Acquisition (DMA) model to solve the problems that limit these businesses.

The conventional Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) is where one entity acquiring the stock and equity of another entity and it has been the most common means for small business owners to achieve significant returns with a cost. Through DMA — the combination of blockchain, and cryptocurrencies as a fund-raising mechanism, it allows small businesses to preserve their ownership over their brand and business decisions through M&A of token economy.

DMA is Blue Whale’s strategic protocol that combines business development and technology. It is designed to help businesses scale faster and more efficiently in their journey from a freelancer to a blockchain based business.

The Future of Blockchain and Blue Whale’s Vision

Blue Whale Foundation envisions the future of blockchain to be a human centred Governance achieved with the balance of the most effective and efficient autonomous Artificial Intelligence technology. In order to be a step closer to the future, Blue Whale Foundation has defined the third generation of blockchain technology and in order to effectively integrate the technology with a real-business, a strategic protocol: DMA has been introduced.

The dispersed business and centralised business can achieve decentralisation through Blue Whale Network that enables the balance. Our initial goal is to ensure the autonomy and transparency of each business through Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) to maximise the fundraising and make swift transition of decentralisation.

The Blue Whale Foundation seeks to:

  1. Create a sustainable economic model through the Token Economy
  2. Help undervalued companies, or companies operating in a traditional fashion to reach their potential
  3. Enabling the growth of such companies and to ensure they scale and make profits; provide fair rewards and employment benefit system for those who contribute on these business in Blue Whale Network with their activities and engagement ensuring their freedom and employment security

And by doing so, Blue Whale Network will “work for all and owned by all”, like a public resources with individual benefits. This is the vision of Blue Whale Foundation.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
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