Building BWN: Blue Whale X Logistic X

Blue Whale Foundation and Park N Parcel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at expanding collaboration to improve the freelance and resource-sharing scene globally, starting in Singapore and Asia. This collaboration also aims to increase utility of BWX tokens that may be used along side PNP, LogisticsX’s tokens. Allowing both PNP tokens and BWX tokens to be used throughout the Blue Whale Network.

About Blue Whale Foundation

At the Blue Whale Foundation, we believe in establishing a sharing economy that capitalises on digital information and promotes efficiency. Our collaboration with Park N Parcel and Logistics Network Pte. Ltd continues to drive the movement of building an extensive ecosystem where everyone can benefit fairly and be motivated by the growing sharing economy through blockchain solutions.

About Park N Parcel / LogisticsX

Park N Parcel Ptd Ltd, Singapore’s last-mile logistics start-up is working with the Blue Whale Foundation and Logistics Network to develop LogisticsX, a decentralised platform that solves challenges in the global last-mile logistics industry using blockchain technology. The platform can reduce mistakes, digitise information and increase overall operational efficiency.

Once developed, Park N Parcel will be the first adopter of the LogisticsX platform. LogisticsX will allow for seamless connection between global logistics stakeholders including e-commerce retailers, third party logistics (‘3PLs’), individuals managing Parker Point (‘Parkers’), couriers delivering parcels (‘Runners’) and parcel recipients in a multiparty network.

How last-mile delivery will be powered by blockchain (Credit: LogisticsX)

The logistics sector often faces high rates of failed delivery, operational cost and inefficiency. Park N Parcel intervenes to improve the process of last mile delivery and improve the livelihood of freelance logistics couriers.

Since its launch in 2017, Park N Parcel has built a network of collection points with over 1500 Parkers islandwide — the largest of its kind in Singapore. It strives to expand by working with notable brands from E-commerce and international third-party logistics companies such as Carousell, Airfov, DHL and Aramex to prevent these platforms from facing re-delivery.

How Park N Parcel handles last-mile delivery (Credit: Park N Parcel)


Collaboration with the Blue Whale Foundation can protect the interests of freelance logistics personnel. Because LogisticsX will be enlisting freelancers to perform duties as ‘Parkers’ and ‘Runners’, there would be a need for a transparent reward system. The Blue Whale Contribution Activity Manager (CAM) keeps track of and rewards various stakeholders for LogisticsX using a rewards system backed by the LogisticsX Tokens currency.

LogisticsX Ecosystem Collaboration (Credit LogisticsX)

The whole collaboration will grow to be the LogisticsX Ecosystem. Greater economic empowerment can be created through involving more participants in the logistics ecosystem all while increasing the consumption of the sharing economy.

“Our vision at LogisticsX is simple, to reduce missed parcel delivery, increase parcel delivery efficiency and improve the livelihood of freelance logistics couriers. We are excited to partner Blue Whale and adopt Blockchain technology to transform the last-mile delivery industry globally. We look forward to LogisticsX to provide the platform that can help reduce mistakes, digitise information and increase in overall operational efficiency,” — Mr Tan Gan Hong, CEO of Logistics Network.

To find out how both companies are redefining delivery processes to be more efficient, secure and cost saving for the sharing economy, check out their official pages at The Blue Whale Foundation and Park N Parcel.