Building On Blue Whale’s Network — A Strategic Partnership with Verlocal

Verlocal is a company which has spent the last 5 years helping freelancers and self-employed “solopreneurs” to grow and manage their businesses using SaaS tools. It has achieved an impressive rate of growth, having a large number of users on its platform, and has since expanded to a total of 4 countries — it began in the US, then Canada, expanding to Singapore, and Japan.

Blue Whale Foundation is happy to announce that it is forming a strategic partnership with Verlocal to develop a proof of concept for blockchain-based applications for freelancers such as the WORK tools (i.e. CAM, DAN, Reward Bank) which Blue Whale plans to offer other DApps joining the platform in the near future.

This partnership aims to enhance Verlocal’s technical capability through the blockchain. In doing so, it reduces Verlocal’s operational costs while providing more benefits for freelancers on the Verlocal platform. We anticipate that this strategic partnership will form the foundation of a scalable model to expand to other gig economy verticals.

The two companies have developed and will continue in a close working relationship due to the synergy in their visions for the improved future of the freelance economy.

We’re excited for where this partnership will take us and the gig economy!

P.S.: Blue Whale is still actively looking for partners in the sharing and gig economy. Potential partners can email their pitch deck to: