Congratulations to all Bounty Hunters

The bounty results are out! Here is the google spreadsheet with results :

- Articles :

- Videos:

To summarize there are 4 groups of Bounty Hunters

1) Top 3 — Community Voting is closed

  1. Article
1st place— will receive 1.5 Million BWX
2nd place— will receive 1.3 Million BWX
3rd place — will receive 1 Million BWX

2. Video

1st place — will receive 2.25 Million BWX
2nd place— will receive 1.95 Million BWX
3rd place— will receive 1.5 Million BWX

2) Top 20 Articles & Top 10 Videos

Article (Top 20) — will receive 300,000 BWX
Video (Top 10) — will receive 600,000 BWX

3) Others Approved Articles and Videos

Article — will receive 50,000 BWX
Video — will receive 75,000 BWX

4) Rejected

Reasons for rejection

  1. Not Original
  2. Made by Bots
  3. Not Relevant
  4. Double Submission

How to vote for Top 3 — Community Voting closed

The voting is taking place from May 22nd (10am UTC) to May 23rd (10am UTC).

Step 1 — Click here ->
Step 2 — Vote on the project you think benefited our community the most 
Step 3 — Share the link in Step 1 and get your friends to vote as well!

When will you get the tokens?

All participants eligible for the reward will receive tokens on the 15th June. 
Tokens will be sent to the ETH wallet that they have submitted
Tokens will be unlocked 1 week prior to exchange listing.


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