CLOSED — Sign up and join our telegram to get 400 BWX + 200 BWX for Every Friend Who Joins too!

We are pleased to announce our Referral program for our Telegram Group.


You will get 400 BWX tokens when you join the telegram group

PLUS, you will get 200 BWX tokens for every friend who accepts your invite to sign up and join our Telegram Group!


a) You MUST join our Telegram Group for the duration of the campaign.

b) Follow, like and subscribe to our Social Media Pages:



  1. Visit and sign up.

2. Enter your name, email (please use authentic email as this will be linked to your referral code), ETH Address and Telegram Username.

3. After you click ‘Earn BWX tokens now’ you can begin to invite friends by selecting the social icons OR copy and pasting your unique Referral Link (YOU ONLY RECEIVE ONE CODE):(Screenshot)

4. You can also select ‘Referral Statistics’ to see how many invites, clicks and conversions you have completed: (Screenshot above -> click on Referral Statistics at the bottom)

5. You will receive an email confirming sign-up and this email will also include your unique referral link and your statistics link to see how many signup have clicked your referral link during the campaign.

6. When a friend clicks on an invitation or your referral link they will also receive a confirmation email and the opportunity to follow the above steps.


  1. All signups must join our Telegram Group till the token distribution.
  2. Referral campaign will end on Monday, May 28th (10am UTC).
  3. Notification: You will receive an email notification for each new registered referral.
  4. Statistics: You can see your conversion statistics below the share buttons.
  5. Signup and join Telegram Group = 400BWX tokens
  6. Referrals (conversion) = 200BWX tokens (e.g. 10 Conversions = 2,000 BWX tokens)
  • #Payout is in BWX tokens ONLY. As of June 30th 2018.
  • *Up to $500,000 and subject to change based on payouts.
  • Bots and Fake Accounts will be disqualified