Relocating with Blueground: Getting to Know the Product as an Employee and a Guest

Keenan Wong
Nov 21, 2018 · 3 min read
A Blueground furnished apartment ready to receive a relocated employee (whether they work for an embassy, established multinational, or Blueground itself)

Often when starting at a new company, it takes a few weeks, if not months, before you truly familiarize yourself with the product. Often work in the B2B sector — or perhaps with a product outside your personal interests — presents its own set of limitations when getting to know the company’s offerings… just ask anyone who’s worked on airplane engine parts.

But here I am — straight from the Athens Airport — with my bags, keys in hand, ready to walk into my Blueground apartment in the leafy suburb of Marousi. I won’t start my role as Content Marketing Manager until Monday, but I get to walk into an apartment as if it’s my own upon arrival to the city.

Home Sweet Home in Northern Athens

As one of the benefits for new hires relocating for Blueground, onboarders are offered a stay at one of their furnished apartments where they get to indulge in the hotel-worthy beds, morning Nespressos and, thankfully, fully functioning utilities and internet already dealt with. Having a furnished apartment upon arrival is a lifesaver when adapting to new surroundings, a new country, and a new job. After all, how can you expect to do your best work in your first week while trying to schedule trips to a Scandinavian furniture warehouse?

Better yet, the apartment is the perfect basecamp for getting to both offices (one just a short bike ride away towards the Olympic Stadium, and the other a bit further north into Nea Kifisia). On weekends, that also means being right next to the metro to discover the essential sights and back streets of Athens (you never know where your new favorite taverna or wine bar might be hiding). As with the thousands of Blueground tenants around the world, my apartment bridges my business needs for a productive work week with the lifestyle options for getting resettled into a new city.

Ending the workday on my Blueground apartment rooftop (figs and grapes courtesy of the Saturday farmer’s market down the street)

As an employee, it’s been invaluable to engage with the product from the very beginning of my time at Blueground. That has meant the chance to run through the booking flow, see how responsive our colleagues in Client Experience are (thanks Irene for returning my call at 11 PM!) and affect change around marketing copy to best reflect what living in a Blueground apartment is really like. Hint: It’s a breeze.

If a company is looking for their next brand ambassador, they truly don’t need to look much further than their newest employee.

Inside Blueground

Showcasing the team, strategy and stories behind how Blueground is changing big city living one turnkey apartment at a time.

Keenan Wong

Written by

Content Marketing Wordsmith at Blueground. Telling the stories that match urban property owners to globetrotting tenants.

Inside Blueground

Showcasing the team, strategy and stories behind how Blueground is changing big city living one turnkey apartment at a time.

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