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Affirmation (to be read aloud)

Speaking myself into being

Kissed by the sun
born of the earth
I am a study in contrast.

Vibrating the spectrum of duality
warping the line
bending the mind
spiralling from the centre out
to infinity.

Nothing defines me.

Not my sway, sashay
my ebb and flow
my give and take
the sound I make
when he touches me
right there …

Not my hold-your-belly-laugh
my sharp-shooter tongue
the sting and shock of it
the way it cuts you down
in defence of what is mine
what is ours …

I am one
I am many.

I am light
I am night.

My mouth carries water
my hand throws flame.

I am the dream of those who came
before me.




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Ruth Osman

Ruth Osman

Caribbean singer/songwriter/ poet who loves dogs, all things mystical, and solitude. Website:

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