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sinking fast and falling into space
end zone scratched — absence of grace
vinyl that plays from the same exact place
old news written across my numbed face
once an actress stuck in her lines
frozen in emotion and lost in time
sanctions are lost and words no longer rhyme
lacking energy to save my warped mind
lost is the battle without motive or memes
walking on concrete layered with themes
feeling the urge to break down and just scream
absent of desire and hard to reach dreams
where went the world i lavished within
eyes wide open and eager to begin
once well versed and intentions were akin
what’s past was true and once a has been

@lwa235 ~ 2022

Author’s note: I have been trying hard to get back into writing but often my numb soul overrides my creativity. This was the first time I was able to finish a poem in two months and it feels real good to publish it.

Thank you for reading it.




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