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“Blue Insights Cultural Prompts — June 2020”

Future Sparks, Future Ignitions: Medium Readers, Curators & Writers: Optimism — Inclusion, solidarity, collaboration, gratitude, and wonder

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Many years ago, when I was a little boy, in the fall often some of us children looked forward to Christmas not only because of Christmas itself but because then we knew there was a parcel from America coming in the mail — an “America package”. And in that package, there was often something exciting for us children, a plaything or a small piece of clothing, or maybe a package of pre-mixed powder of one or another kind that mom used to make for example a good cake or a plate of some other kind.

At that time we thought of America as the wonderfully fine country where everyone is free, everyone is good and everyone can succeed. — We had heard of the The American Dream:

… the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone. The American Dream is achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.

We had heard that in America everyone is a blacksmith of their own happiness, and everything is good, everything is big and nice and beautiful, while here in our little Norway the conditions were modest, and everything was mostly black-and-white and insignificant.

Yes, that’s how we thought about a lot of things so many years ago. That time, forty or fifty years ago — yes maybe only ten to fifteen years ago — then a head of state was a serious person who appeared on the TV, spoke solemnly to the people and said serious and truthful things.

Today, we see that some things have actually changed quite a lot, and many are wondering what to think about the future.

At that time, a state leader and a top politician mostly was a person who formulated himself accurately and with class and who spoke seriously about serious things.

Today we can see every day a scared, rabid, barren, arrogant old man with presidential power who has daily sessions on TV where he comes up with verbal outcomes against all angles and behaves like a moody teenager, a president who talks like a twelve-year-old!

This is very very serious!

We see an old man with a presidential title who appears on the TV in front of microphones and seems to believe that he is elevated over ordinary folk customs.

Day after day he stands there and says that this is very, very good, and that is very, very bad, and you journalist over there, you are an idiot!

All this is really very strange, but first and foremost it is very sad, a little frightening and a little unreal, that a person who is at the top of society politically and who has the responsibility to govern one of the great powers in the world repeatedly behaves like a bully.

— How can the system allow a man who lacks basic folk customs to misuse his position to crack down on and insult people wherever he turns his attention?

And as if this was not enough,

— the world has experienced a major pandemic crisis that has shaken the world’s populations, economies, and societies.

We need help to understand what has happened to the world during the Covid19 shutdown. Do we see the world from a different angle now, compared to what was our perspective before the coronavirus?

Will we live differently, will our relations to people near us and far from us change?

The Blue Insights writing challenge for June 2020 hereby gives itself: Future Sparks, Future Ignitions

We are Medium users, Readers, Curators & Writers.

— We have insights, opinions, knowledge.

— We read, we write, and we publish.

Tell us how you see the situation, and the future.

— What are your hopes for the future?

— What do you think of Optimism, Inclusion, Solidarity, Gratitude, and Wonder in the coming years?

What is actually happening in the world?

We need help to formulate new beliefs in the future and we need help now to formulate visions so we can raise the level of the road ahead.

How can we again put solidarity, good communication, and collaboration, empathy, and helpfulness at the top of the agenda — both at the micro and the macro levels?


Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Write to recreate the future, rewrite our time so that we can give readers the benefit of it so that there will be better times after we have been through this.
The Covid19 pandemic will burn out, and so will the man who in recent years has been allowed to rule the United States in his very particular way.

— What good could it come out of the pandemic, a situation where many of us had to learn to adjust to conditions, stay out of our jobs, and look forward to brighter times.

— What good will there be when we can soon put the circus of the present President behind us?

— Where are sprouts for future threats, in what directions should we look to find optimism and the belief that we have a better future?

Each contribution should include, at the bottom, a link to this prompt at as well as three mandatory tags: ‘Blue Insights’, ‘Cultural Prompts’, and ‘Writing Prompts’.



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