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My dad at 17

dad: before and after

a surprise, a new joy in your eyes
your name choice for me became your prize
three became four on the same day
our home, a new place, was destined to stay

a house now filled with three of your girls
your life with us entrusted your world
you blessed us with a mother to stay at home
always happy to fix things and work alone

a baby boy came, our hearts’ content
to carry your name and represent
four became five and our adventures began
weathering life with music in our plans

many talents still to be known
took some for granted before i was grown
a love for capturing a moment’s time
i lived to differ and dabble in rhyme

curious with the world, history was king
you welcomed challenge and learning new things
a story teller fond of family and dear friends
devoted to your word and one to commend

chess and sports were other passions you knew
you taught me the skills and showed me their truths
consistent instruction, while expecting the best
prepared me for studies and life’s future tests

one by one each of us moved out to start anew
in my house a girl came then followed a boy too
the greatest gift you gave them was your time
the greatest gift you gave me was watching you shine

when i was suffering, you were my rock and voice
you never let me down, always here by choice
in awe of everything you were, of you there was a few
everything i do has intention, that’s how i remember you

i hear your harmonica playing, i hear your sounds unique
if i am ever lost, i’ll follow this melody i seek
don’t trail too far ahead, your gifts are many and rare
not ready to say goodbye, not done with you to share

remember my last request, an angel to us you’ll be
to linger on and witness and protect as you need
never forgotten, unforgettable is what you are
will miss my biggest fan, will miss my shining star

Linda Adams ~ 2021

Author’s note: I read this poem at my father’s funeral. It took me all night to write — I was lost. But then I saw his shadow and he guided me. Like he always did. This is for his birthday, September 29. It doesn’t get easier but I’ve learned to look for him in other ways and I always cherish my memories of him. I never knew how hard it would be to lose my first parent. It’s like a part of my childhood was taken away from me. I find myself doing things I did when I was a child, like dunking tea cookies in my morning tea — just to feel closer to him.




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