D. Wyn Price
Nov 26, 2019 · 2 min read

Guilt and Love, a poem.

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When temptation is forbidden,
When the invitation is denied,
Desire is the hunger,
With nowhere left to hide.

I pretend that I don’t want you,
You never cross my mind,
And yet I know your body,
Pure and so divine.

I have read your form many times,
Through touch, and taste as well,
Found your hidden treasures,
Paradise where hand and tongue do dwell.

The voice in deepest reaches,
The one that calls my name,
The one that was once a siren,
Now stand to lay the blame.

I hear the accusation,
The tale of subterfuge,
That I seek to sabotage,
And that you see my ruse.

But there is no deception,
No trickery at play,
It’s just that I have fallen,
That yes, I lost my way.

You don’t understand,
When I know all to well,
When love is a prison,
Desire leads to hell.

When you love from your core,
But something is amiss,
Found with a stranger,
Deep inside a kiss.

The problem is not sex,
That which easily you can find,
But rather the passion,
That prays upon the mind.

You claim you don’t want me,
That I don’t cross your mind,
Yet here we are naked,
Bodies intertwined.

Last time I promised,
As we swear it all again
A sweet farewell in flesh,
To find it’s not the end.

Once behind closed doors,
To this passion we are blind,
But we don’t need our eyes,
When your lips search for mine.

No I’m not well,
This fever continues to rage,
When my heart is denied,
And the body becomes a cage.

One more finale,
Another performance I suppose,
To then be dismissed,
Gather up my clothes,

Perhaps it’s a blessing,
Meant to be kind,
But when passion is raging,
The conscious becomes blind.

Morality is faulty,
The compass spins wild and free,
Loosing all direction,
Adrift inside me.

Forgive me my trespasses,
For happiness is key,
And know I am here,
If you should want me.

I’m no knight in armor,
No king upon a thrown,
But all that I am, and will be
Forever Is yours to own.

a poem by D. Wyn. Price, All Rights Reserved, 2019

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D. Wyn Price

Written by

Poet, published writer, artist Native to NC, enjoying coastal living. Decent human being. Grateful. Dwindsorprice@yahoo.com Windsorstudios@wordpress.com

Blue Insights

All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

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