Hoarding a Little Kindness

Kindness costs so little but makes people cheap

Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights
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2 min readJun 4, 2024


By South Agency on iStock (image licensed by author)

Kindness costs so little
but it makes people cheap.
Some carry it around in their
pockets, hoarding it, like my
uncle who collected whiskies
but never drank any. Made him
feel good to own it, but there we
were, begging for a drink to savor
the fine stuff, but he never offered
a single taste, content to stare at
the bottles on the shelf instead
of enjoying the warmth of sharing.

My Dad though, lived kindness poor.
He owned a printing company in St. Louis,
the old downtown before it went trendy,
Homeless guys slept on his loading dock,
lined up like seals on a warm beach
under the vents from the big presses
pouring out heat.

My old man came to work early, then
handed out smokes and dollar bills
to his regulars who knew he was good
for a touch now and then. On Fridays
he would sit a case of cheap wine
on the dock or throw a pile of blankets



Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights

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