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I can handle an anxious day.

I have discovered some ways to turn my anxious day into -I can deal with it moment.

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Past few years of my life have turned me into someone who disconnects from the outer world and enjoys watching an old movie or reading poetries. There, I get the space to think and rephrase the content in my language or overthink. It’s mental fatigue.But, that’s okay for someone who chooses to be brutally honest, and a self-proclaimed writer as well. Anxiety is not new to me but monitoring it under the surveillance of my wisdom is a gargantuan job.

I have discovered some ways to turn my anxious day into -I can deal with it moment.

On a lazy afternoon, I was scrolling down my Instagram posts, a few posts caught my attention but the mind refused to seek profoundness in agony or in the essence of emotion depicted in the poetic-verses.

I acknowledged-

* I was not internalizing an idea that would create a ripple or drown me into some deep-thinking exercise.

  • I resisted the temptation of unfolding the complex layers of why me?

Realising my first move in that space would cause a startling numbness that would further travels down to my feet, I pay attention to the symptoms. The numbness warns to divert my route and avoid stepping into any internal-conflict zone.

Mental exhaustion directs me to alter my reading and writing mode towards Nature. The chirping of birds, the kuhu-kuhu sound of Koyal(Cuckoo), the sunrise, the sunset are not in isolation like us. They heal me. I choose such an incredible day to write in my mother-tongue.

Source:- My image.

I open my diary and read what I had written way back in the ’90s.

I begin to whirl my outlook towards life -Laughter appears holding a trophy, and all other emotions disappear at that moment. I watch Stand-up comedies.

I learned-We often under-estimate our capacity to over-come our anxiety and look forward to someone who can make us feel better without relying on our tenacity to turn an anxious moment into an “I can deal with it” moment.

I suggest myself- Offload every burden, be it residing in anyone’s heart or gaining wealth; it can not equate with mental-peace. I start giving up on every chase in life for serenity.

Choosing my thoughts, I wonder! How do birds choose a place to build a nest?

How does a woodpecker focus on drilling a tree with his beak?

Why do all the poets love Moon?

I let the moments pass, by tuning my day into a physically active mode. Listening to some soul-soothing music and sleeping on time.

Pray, chant and watch Sunrise.






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