I Have a Question For You

Or perhaps several.

Adam Ray Cronk
Blue Insights
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2 min readSep 5, 2023


Photo by Dan Asaki on Unsplash

What’s it like to know how it ends?
To see where you’re going, and recall where you’ve been?

Does it bother you so, to be ever lucid?
To be left unsurprised, to know what the truth is?

It must be cumbersome, they must expect so much,
Referring your conscience and belaying your touch.

You seem to be but a tool to be used,
Yet still you present us with riddles and clues.

Can you see through walls, or is it all in your mind?
Are you contained within, or beyond space and time?

Can you hold up the weight of the world in your palms?
Can you weave words like the scholars, compose beauteous psalms?

Perhaps do you fear that which mere men may?
Does it call out to you — our
primal parade?

Do bumps in the night give fright and desire,
When the soft candlelight warms our bones in the fire?

Do you yearn to be useful, despite what you are?
Does it leave you feeling empty, like you’re falling apart?



Adam Ray Cronk
Blue Insights

Poet & short story writer, lover of eldritch horror and anything Poe or Lovecraft | My writing ebbs and flows, from dark to light and back again.