I Will Not Forget the Love

I will remember, I will remember again

Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights
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1 min readJun 9, 2024


By Lekce on iStocvk (image licensed by author)

I can’t remember it all,
the all that is you, that was us.
First the early afternoon fog,
then the ocean rain following…
blowing hard against my window.

I close my eyes, dancing again
in the one that was me, has it been
that long since our first kiss, has it
been so long since you leaned in,
head against my shoulder, us you
whispered, maybe there can be us.
I want to remember beyond the days,
I want to hold each minute yet again…
but I am old, the hours slipping away.

I do not fear old. I do not fear death.
But I am terrified of forgetting the love
we have been. The rain beats harder,
the years flee faster, so close to the end
of it all, so near the end of me,
what we were now shadows fading
in the dark shadows of my mind.

Will I remember it all again?
Will I find the minutes again
once my eyes close here and I
must begin anew?

Beginning again.
Beginning again with you.
I will remember it all…
I will remember us.



Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights

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