Idle Talk

Mary McGrath
Blue Insights


Don’t believe all the gossip

Ben White-Unsplash

This is a song in progress with some of my composer pals from various music sites. If you are a musician, feel free to join in. People can be so cruel. Haven’t we all been the recipient or target of hateful gossip?

Idle Talk-Vocals and lyrics by Mary McGrath
Copyright 6/15/24-All rights reserved

All along, I thought that we were winning
But some in town thought we were sinning

Who is to say what’s the right way is to be?
Others just see what they want to see

Just don’t listen to what they say
In my arms we’ll keep their gossip away

Head held high, we feel no shame.
If we cower, we’re just playing their game

Idle talk will always exist
Eager ears, sometimes it’s hard to resist

Standing tall I know just who we are
Ignore their words if you hear them near or far

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Mary McGrath
Blue Insights

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