D. Wyn Price
Nov 27, 2019 · 2 min read

If I Could Believe, a poem.

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

You tell me yet I am still suspicious,
My tones imply doubt and disdain,
My tongue oh, so vicious. .
Eager to taste blood and pain,

Not yours but mine, as I lick my wounds,
All of them self inflected,
So fearful that I will loose you too soon,
Feeling so addicted.

I tell you that I love you,
Easily spoken in the masquerade,
Behind a mask I hide the demons,
In hopes you don’t see past the charade.

If my true face was discovered,
Unmasked as the stroke of midnights toll,
Would I loose more than I can bare,
My heart, my life, my soul?

So grand the self deception,
Someone like you could care for me,
Blinded by my own doubts and self deprecation,
So fearful you will see,

The wrinkles that don’t exist,
The flaws only in my mind,
The cracks in the veneer,
Only my eye can find.

So when you say you need time,
I wait for the door to be locked and barred,
The cuts along the palest flesh,
The open wounds left to scars.

I know you needed time,
Yet here I stand alone,
Blankly looking at the walls,
The oh so quiet phone,

“I’ll talk to you later,”
A promise in the wind,
Drifting oh so effortlessly,
Till then I just pretend.

Another pining day,
Another lonely night,
Another lost and lonely mind,
Awaiting your delights.

Doubt creeps along the conscious,
Silently implies,
No one cares about you,
If you live or die.

No one would ever want you,
Just a waste of space,
Nothing special, a nobody,
Easily erased.

So I eagerly seek distraction,
Another pointless, endless task,
Another random appointment,
Cry beneath the mask.

a poem by D. Wyn. Price, All Rights Reserved, 2019.

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All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

D. Wyn Price

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Poet, published writer, artist Native to NC, enjoying coastal living. Decent human being. Grateful. Dwindsorprice@yahoo.com Windsorstudios@wordpress.com

Blue Insights

All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

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