Life Doesn’t Have a DELETE Key

It really does not.

Slavo Petrik
Dec 18, 2020 · 2 min read
Photo by u j e s h on Unsplash

“Dear prof. ”

No, no. How to start this e-mail?

“Mr. “

No, hmmm. Delete.

For the last 10 minutes, I’m trying to type an e-mail to my former Ph.D. thesis supervisor. Start and delete. Start, delete.

It’s not easy. This bridge has been burned.

The story started in 2008, during my Ph.D. studies…

My Ph.D. supervisor set high standards. Every student was expected to publish at least four papers in the scientific journals.

The idea of publishing is OK. The problem was that one had to publish those four articles in about three years of the standard Ph.D. program. Quite a challenge.

I managed to publish three articles and got my Ph.D. My supervisor wanted me to promise that I will publish the fourth article after I graduate.

I really thought I have done enough, but my supervisor insisted.

So, at a certain moment, I just burned that bridge. I thought that it is over for me — no more scientific articles. In fact, I never liked them.

Ten years later, I keep the memory of that unspoken promise which I had to give. It is there. It is hidden somewhere in the back of my mind.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t have a DELETE key, which we could use and remove all promises we gave and did not keep.

Things happen.