D. Wyn Price
Nov 30, 2019 · 2 min read

Lost and Found; a poem.

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash.

I found myself,
Between the cushions,
Oh wait,
That was spare change.

I found myself
Behind the couch,
When the furniture,
Got arranged.

I found myself
On the sidewalk,
Begging for food,
No home.

I found myself
In a shelter,
I found,
I was all alone.

I found myself,
Given all I had
Destitute and ruin,
Feeling worse than bad.

I found myself,
Still lonely,
You spoke of another love,
Condemned me as a friend,
Felt the push and shove.

I found myself,
A forgotten man,
The one who fought your wars,
Cold upon the sidewalk,
After seizing foreign shores.

I found myself,
In a bottle, five fathoms down,
Blinded by the pain I felt,
Wishing just to drown.

I found myself,
In so much pain, wishing it would end,
On the edge of oblivion,
Reaching for a friend.

I found myself,
Once in love, then age got in my way,
Wishing I could find your heart,
Before I went astray.

I found myself,
Grow restless, jumping in the flame,
Lost in so much decadence,
Where no one knows your name.

I found myself,
Surprised, For I never thought I was lost,
Yet I see how far I strayed,
And now bare the cross.

I found myself,
On my knees, praying to forgive,
All those sad trespasses,
On the promise I would live.

I found myself,
In trouble, oh, so many times,
To be cast into hell,
Recount all my crimes.

I found myself,
Forgiven, something to redeem,
Lost again to pride and sin,
If only in a dream.

I found myself,
In a orphanage, shelter with other lost souls,
Ready and waiting for a hungry world,
To exact it tolls.

I found myself,
Wayward, cast away, stranded,
Unprepared for this existence.
The price that was demanded.

I find myself,
Pondering, who I could have been,
If the clock went backward,
And I start again.

a poem by D. Wyn. Price, 2019

Blue Insights

All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

D. Wyn Price

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Poet, published writer, artist Native to NC, enjoying coastal living. Decent human being. Grateful. Dwindsorprice@yahoo.com Windsorstudios@wordpress.com

Blue Insights

All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

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