Old, so Old, but Not yet Dead

Sun, summer, short dresses, and dreaming old men

Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights
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2 min readJun 15, 2024


By Grinvalds on iStock (image licensed by author)

Standing on a crowded Boston corner waiting
for the light, caught up in a balmy summer afternoon
in a city always cold, the flow of people like moving
snow banks, white faces, turning pink, the drabness
of winter clothes now tees, summer dresses and shorts.

A woman steps close to me, maybe twenty-six, her
perfume arriving a few steps before she does, both
quite lovely, six foot blonde, long hair, longer legs,
short, testosterone inducing white dress, shiny red lips
shimmering in the afternoon sun. Ruby heels matching
the lips, the heels, always the damn heels.

She glances my way and smiles, a knowing look
keeping divorce attorneys busy for a hundred years
and keeping old men drooling for eternity.

The light changes and she steps onto the street.
The swaying of her hips a torment to men since Eve
reached high for the apple, glancing coyly over her
shoulder at Adam, the first man officially caught
sneaking a peek at a woman’s backside, him never…



Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights

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